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SMF Original Championship

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Also known as the Lil Bitch Championship This is a purley joke title in Story Mode Federation and was originally designed as a way to mock John Cena.The Title was retired in a Unification Match when the last under the SMF Basic Cable Championship

Title HistoryEdit

Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
Debuts Under SMF Little Bitch Championship Name.
John Cena 1
Chig Gambino 1
Renamed SMF Original Championship
Mr. Wollenburg 1
Perun Plague 1 Saturday Night Main Event 2008 Won after a Flu Shot
Mr. Wollenburg 21 Bitchamania 2008 Won after a leg drop through a table followed with the Censoring Elbow.
Title Retired SMF WAR 2009 Episode 1 Mr. Wollenburg unified the titles.

1. ^Won as the Right To Censor Mr. Wollenburg

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