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The Tag Team Championship in Story Mode Federation

Title History

Wrestler Times Location Notes
Joey and Greg (The Superdingos) 1 First Champions
Jared Fogle and Mr Wollenburg (Right to Censor) 1 WAR Episode in 2002
The Lawyuz (Teryo and Kerio) 1 The title was Vacated due to Teryo's death
Zack and Slater 1
Freddy and Shaggy (Mysteries Inc.) 1
Chig Gambino and Flamin' Kyle (Original Stable 58) 1
The Lawyuz (Teryo and Kerio) 2 SMF The Great American Clash 2010
Boom and Danny Jackpot (BoomPot) 1 SMF Royal Fumble 2011
The Miz and Spike (Awesome Stable) 1 SMF WAR Episode 8 2011
Chig Gambino and Flamin' Kyle (Original Stable 58) 1 SMF Bitchamania 2011
e v Current Story Mode Federation championships and accomplishments
Singles: SMF Championship · SMF Action Star Championship · SMF Basic Cable Championship · SMF Hardcore Championship
Tag Team: SMF Tag Team Championship
Womens: SMF Womens Championship
Defunct: SMF Television Championship · SMF Original Championship

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