This was one of the Secondary Titles in Story Mode Federation. This is focused on CAWs used on TV shows. The Title was retired in a Unification the SMF Basic Cable Championship

Title History


Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
Carl Winslow 1 Cracklash 2007
KKKramer 1
George Jefferson 1
Bob Saget 1
Mr Feeny 1
Uncle Phil 1 Cyber Sexy Summer 2008
Archie Bunker 1 Royal Fumble 2008 Won by Countout by "SMF Rules"
Stone Cold/Austinberg 1 SMF WAR 2008 Episode 11
Carl Winslow 2 SMF Bitchamania 2008
Mr. Wollenburg 1 SMF WAR 2009 Episode 1 Won by Pinfall after the Censoring Elbow
Title Retired SMF WAR 2009 Episode 1 Mr. Wollenburg unified the titles.

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