All American Brawl features SNJ stars taking on real life pro wrestlers.

All American Brawl 2004

# Results Matches Stipulations
1 Chris Benoit defeated Babe Ruth Singles match SNJ title contendership
2 James Bond vs Kurt Angle ended in a draw (0-0) 10 minute Ultimate Submission match -
3 Pulp Fiction (Vincent Vega & Jules Winfield with The Gimp) defeated The Dudley Boyz (with Stacy Keibler) Tag Team match -
4 Bruce Lee {c} defeated Chris Benoit Singles match SNJ championship

2 - The new SNJ commissioner Steve Irwin announced that Bond and Angle must wrestle under sudden death rules. Bond won.

All American Brawl 2006

# Results Matches Stipulations
1 Samoa Joe defeated Ron Kilbourn Singles match -
2 Pac-Man defeated Rob Van Dam Hardcore match -
3 Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) defeated CAW-X (Pauly Shore & Steve Stifler) Tag Team match -
4 Christian defeated Eddie Murphy Singles match -
5 Babe Ruth defeated Hulk Hogan Singles match -

All American Brawl 2008

# Results Matches Stipulations
1 Kal-El defeated Gregory Helms Singles match -
2 Top Guns {Maverick & Iceman} defeated The Hardy Boyz Tag Team match -
3 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar {c} vs Brandon Lee ended in a double count-out Hardcore match SNJ championship
4 Goldberg defeated The Babe, Goliath, Triple H, Mick Foley and Mike Tyson Elimination chamber -

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