SWF Logo

The second and last official SWF logo.

SWF was a league created by "JC Magnus" John Court in early 2006. The league was unique because all of it (including matches, backstage segments, etc.) was done online. The game used for the league was WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006 for the Playstation 2. The league was short lived due to some trouble between people involved in the league, and because of constant delay.


The entire roster of SWF featured only original creations, played by the creators themselves. Some people were allowed to have up to two creations of their own in the league, depending how they were received by the fans.

  • Adon Idom
  • Benjamin Rothe
  • Darkrider, The
  • Exodecai
  • James Byrd
  • JC Magnus
  • Joey Law
  • Kaji
  • Leon Kizer
  • Normster, The
  • Project, The
  • Sabotage
  • Scorpion, The
  • Sean Evans
  • Steve Shivinski
  • Super Max
  • Viktor
  • Zodiack


  • Owner: John Court
  • Commentary: John Court & James Alexander (aka Exodecai)
  • Booking Team: John Court, Ryan McNulty, Keith Poushyk
  • Interns: James Alexander (aka Exodecai) & Chris McNulty
  • Lead Janitor: Keith Poushyk
  • Assistant to the Lead Janitor: Keith Poushyk
  • Secondary Janitor: Keith Poushyk
  • Assistant to the Secondary Janitor: Keith Poushyk

Match Making

The way matches were made on the league were unique. All of the matches were done online, so most of the time it took a while for the show to be put together. John Court chose the number of wrestlers required for a show, and told them what match they would be in. No match had a planned outcome, so it was anyones time to shine.

The Top Feud

Even though SWF lasted only around 5 shows, the show already had a feud that people enjoyed watching, that being the rivalry betweeen "The Byrdman" James Byrd and Sabotage. These two almost killed each other week in and week out, even going as far as to crashing a car into a limo!

Also due to request by the person that made it possible... Keith Poushyk would like to remind everyone that he played Sabotage's best match.

The Travesty

Where there is a great match... there is also "THAT" match. In the opening contest of Show 4, Zodiack faced the debuting Adon Idom in what people described to be "something that should be in Pauly Shore's book". The match was supposed to be a nice quick match, but Adon Idom decided to make it longer (even reaching over the 10 minute time limit) and more painful. Not only was the match longer and had constant move abusing by Idom, but there were botches left and right. Due to all of this, the owner was forced to edit down the match to a viewable time so people wouldn't have to gouge their eyes out. Even the finish was botched because Idom lost health and looked horrible throughout the match because of that. Our condolences to the Zodiack family.

Software Used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Goldwave Audio Editor
  • Ulead Video Studio Pro
  • Windows Movie Maker