Sapulpan Tag Team Championship
AWA Southern Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) Sledge Bloworth & Sambo Beefrock
Date Won August 1st, 2017
League DCO (Vivianverse)
Brand DCO (I Dont Give A Shit)
Introduced 2017
Most reigns Pvt. Part & Maj. Woody, The X-Factor & Justin Credible (1)
First Champion Pvt. Part & Maj. Woody
Last Champion
Longest Reign Pvt. Part & Maj. Woody
Shortest Reign
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The Sapulpan Tag Team Championships are the tag team division championships for DCO (I Dont Give A Shit), DCO's secondary brand run by Biff Andreas. The name of the belts are a tribute to the hometown of Frank Garrett.

The titles were introduced after Pvt. Part and his partner Maj. Woody received a count out victory over TJ Prophet and Wrestling Journalist Drew Alexander. As a result, a rematch was scheduled under no disqualification rules, with the inaugural Sapulpan Tag Titles on the line. Pvt. Part and Maj. Woody would capture the championships in the rematch.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date Won Days Held Notes:
Pvt. Part & Maj. Woody 1 24th July 2017 4 Defeated TJ Prophet and Wrestling Journalist Drew Alexander in a webmatch to become the inaugural champions.
The X-Factor & Justin Credible 1 27th July 2017 5 Defeated Pvt. Part and Maj. Woody in a Tornado Tag Dumpster Match on "I Dont Give A Shit" Episode 11.
Sledge Bloworth & Sambo Beefrock 1 1st August 2017 17+ Defeated The X-Factor & Justin Credible in a webmatch.
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