Big bull Savo"
Savo Yakeedo
Names Savo Yakeedo

Big bull Savo

Height 6'2
Weight 615 lbs
Born 12th December 1969
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Died 8th October 2002 (Age 32)
MCW Stadium
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Billed from Japan
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Debut 4th December 2001
Retired 8th October 2002

Savo Yakeedo was a professional CAW wrestler for MCW. He was the uncle of current MCW superstar Takeshi Yakeedo.  

MCW (2001-2002)


Savo Yakeedo debuted at MCW 0 in a triple threat match with Infernus and C2Z. He lost and was pinned by Infernus


Yakeedo died in the MCW ring after suffering a heart attack in 2002. He was 32 years old. He was competing in a match against Bo' Rai at the time of his fatal heart attack. The Yakeedo family sued Bo' Rai for his death but it came to no conclusion. Takeshi Yakeedo still blames Bo' Rai for the death of his uncle.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves

Big Splash

Championships and Accomplishments


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