Shawn Rogen Is A Pro-Wrestler From LA, California Currently wrestles For SPW

Independent Circuit: 2004-2006

Rogen started wrestling At DWE House Shows as King Hartson, he mainly wrestled against Kalosis (Now Jorgen) in which he lost every match against Kalosis. After DWE stopped airing House Shows, Rogen was assigned to DWE as A Reffere.

While Officating A Match Between B-Ice & X At DWE Backlash 2004, Rogen injured his Ankle after X performed a bad spot onto B-Ice which caused Rogen's Ankle to Snap, Rogen continued to ref the Match and was taken Backstage by DWE Officals, On RAW The Following Night, X Apoligised To Rogen (X did'nt refer to Him by his Real Name) Rogen Returned In December that Year but as a Backstage Producer.

Rogen Was Fired From DWE In August 2006 after he was involved in an Altercation with DWE Owner, Cyrus, which was the Last Time that Cyrus Fired anyone from DWE, Rogen took a Break from Wrestling to be with His Family.

Rogen Appeared On AEW Extreme In June 2009 as Carlos Cool defeating Samuel Kozlov, He later Appeared AEW Superbowl in A 6-Man Tag Team Match in which his team lost, When AEW Closed Later That Year, He Was Released

SPW (Super Pro Wrestling)

At CAW WarGames 2010, Rogen Appeared In A SPW Contract Match As Shawn Rogen losing the Match To El Libreo & Massive Drake, he Attacked Drake (Winner) injuring him which kept him Injured Till February, Rogen Appeared On RAW and Gained A Contract to A Match At SPW Rage, He Won A Scramble Match Wich Featured Rio La Canna, Nightshade, Robert Jester & Mysterious to Win The SPW Championship, After The Match, he Told The Fans That he was Forming a Group,which later to Be Revealed to be Redemption, Consiting Of SVD, Steve Clark, Katy Diamond, and later Mike O'Donnel & Blaze (Jamie Bevan, Who was Fired in Storyline by Rogen), He Lost His Title to Joey Curtis At Massacre In The Chamber Match, The Next Night On RAW, Massive Drake Returned And Defeated Rogen & Redemption. However, Rogen Regained The SPW Championship by Defeating Joey Curtis & Massive Drake In HIAC At SPW No Demise 2011, However, He Lost The Title At CAW Brawl To Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, He Invoked His Rematch Clause At SPW Brawl For All But Lost, After The Brawl For All Rumble, Rogen (Alongside SVD & Mike O' Donnel) Attacked The Winner, Massive Drake.

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