Sheriff Woody is a caw superstar who is signed under 3DB And VGWF. he also appeared in SMF once He is one one of the main characters in the toy story series. Woody is becoming a fast rising CAW Icon in VGWF. and Is bound to appear in many more CAW Leagues to come!

Sheriff Woody Pride
Names Woody


Height 5'0
Weight 150
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Birthplace Texas
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Andy's Room
Billed from Andy's Room
Trained by Andy
Debut 2008
Retired {{{retired}}}

Current Leagues

3DB (2008)

Woody Debuted in 3DB Where he and Buzz Lightyear won the tag titles. Woody Was a Cowardly Tweener in his apperances. often he would cheat and use dirty tactics but was loved by the fans.

VGWF (2010-Present)

In 2010 Woody Arrived to VGWF And took on Milo. in the Very First match. but due to interfernce by Kane Woody did not win the match. He went on to have Fueds with Gary Oak,Freddy Krueger,Brock And More.

SMF (2011)

Woody made a brief Apperance in the SMF Royal Fumble 2011 where he won the harcore title but lost it shortly afterwards

WCCW (2011-Present) On January 1 2011 Woody & Buzz announced they ha signed contracts to compete in WCCW. He will make his in ring Debut in the WCCW Tournment.

Championships and accomplishments

  • 3DB Tag team champions (With Buzz lightyear)
  • VGWF World Champion (2011-2012)

Finishering moves:

  • Rodeo-t (DDT) (3DB)
  • Bronco Buster
  • There's a snake in my boot (Sweet Chin Music) 2010-Present (VGWF)
  • The Dance Of The Sheriff (Punching Combanation) 2012-Present (VGWF)
  • Sky High (450 splash; 2011-Present)

Wrestling Themes

  • You got a friend in me By Randy Newman (3DB & WCCW)
  • My Town By Cartoon Boyfriend (2010-2012) You Get What You Give By New Radicals (Used Once) (2012) Woody's Waltz's (2012-Present) (VGWF)

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