ShoDown is the Rockin' Championship Wrestling Alliance weekly show. It takes place on fridays.

Theme Songs

Welcome to the Jungle- Guns & Roses (April 2009-Present)

Episode 1

April 10, 09- Hershey, Pennsylvania

George Lazerfire v.s Nelson gauge- Part of the world championship tournament*
Nelson Guage Pinned George Lazerfire after a Full Gauge

Paul Redd v.s Osi Anyaou
Paul Redd pinned Osi Anyaou after a vertical suplex powerbomb

Tank Strongman v.s Nigel Wilmington-Tables Match
Tank Strongman won after putting wilmington through a cornered table with a catapult

Greaver v.s Xaviar Python-Steel cage
Greaver submitted Python with a Queen Angelio Stretch

Fernando Cortez v.s Muggshott- Part of the world championship tournament
Muggshott pinned Cortez after a Salt lake suplex

X-killer v.s Dick Oscars
Oscars pinned X-killer after a Thats How we do it in Philly

Retro, Dan "The Man" Danials, & Ronnie Wildon v.s The flaming four (excluding Muggshott)- Six man tag team match
Wildon pinned Duke Terry Taylor after a Born to Fly

Main Event: Paul Redd(x2) v.s Wilt Jackson- Part of the World Championship Tournament- Falls count anywhere
Redd pinned Jackson after a shot with the ring bell

Episode 2

The April 17th episode was delayed to april 19th due to jayfatha's family issues.

April 19th, Chicago, Illinois

George O'Grady v.s David Downgrade
O'Grady pinned downgrade after a Celtic Crash- 9:34

Blackjack v.s Muggshott & Jumnambi w/Duke Terry Taylor
Muggshott pinned Smith after a failed toture rack transitioned into a reverse F-U- 23:20

Jave Metalhead v.s Hick Franks- Tables- part of the world championship tournament
Hicks put metalhead through a table with a powerbomb- 2:21

X-killer v.s Porkchop- Special referee Osi Anyaou- Part of the world championship tournament
X- Killer pinned Porkchop with a small package- 8:56

Main Event: Travis Hawke v.s Jason Greyhound- parking lot brawl- part of the world championship tournament
Hawke Pinned Greyhound after throwing him into the hood of a car- 7:03

Episode 3

April 24th, Spokane, Washington

Alinore & Kolister v.s Blackjack- RCWA Tag Team Championship tournament*
Oscars pinned Kollister after the Ho Mojo- 9:08

Osi Anyaou v.s Xaviar python- World Championship tournament
Anyaou pinned Python with a bridging tiger suplex- 16:55

Chris DelVito v.s Greaver- Falls count anywhere- World Championship Tournament
Greaver pinned DelVito after a ring bell shot- 21:11

Retro v.s Nigel Wilmington v.s El Dynamite v.s Tank Strongman- Four man battle royale- RCWA Zero-G Championship tournament**
Dynamite submitted Retro with a Merida Lock- 5:18
Strongman pinned Dynamite after a National Gaurd- 16:50
Wilmington pinned strongman after a knockout left hook with brass knuckles- 24:50

Main Event: Nelson Gauge v.s Muggshott- TLC- World championship tournament
Muggshott pinned Gauge after a running STO- 22:03

Episode 4

May 1st, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Paul Redd v.s Hick Franks- World championship tournament- Hardcore
Franks pinned Redd after a shot from the ring bell outside the ring- 18:32

Retro v.s George O'Grady v.s El Dynamite- Triple threat- hardcore- Zero-G Championship tounament
O'Grady pinned Dynamite with a Celtic-Plex outside the ring- 12:18

X-Killer v.s Travis Hawke- World Chmpionship Tournament- Hardcore
Hawke pinned X-Killer after a shot from a barbed wired 2X4- 15:39

Duke Terry Taylor & Jumnambi v.s Route 66- Harcore tornado tag- Tag Team Championship Tournament
Jumnambi pinned Downgrade after a Hatian DDT- 14:50

Main Event: Osi Anyaou v.s Greaver- Hardcore- World Championship Tounament
Greaver pinned Anyaou after a Brimstone combo- 16:02

Episode 5

May 8th, Santa Ana, California

Xaviar Python v.s Kollister w/Alinore
Python pinned Kollister after a Python Poison- 10:28

Chris DelVito v.s George Lazerfire
Lazerfire pinned DelVito after a Lazerblaze- 12:12

Jumnambi v.s D-Ray Smith- Tag Team Championships
Smith pinned Jumnambi after a chairshot- 15:48

Jave Metalhead v.s Ronnie Wildon v.s George O'Grady- Triple Threat
O'Grady pinned Metalhead after a Irish Buster- 18:02

Muggshott v.s Wilt Jackson
Muggshott pinned Jackson after a Criminal Life- 11:15

Episode 6

May 15, 2009, Battle Creek, Michigan

Nelson Gauge v.s Wilt Jackson
Gauge pinned Jackson after a stunner- 12:40

Retro & Ronnie Wildon v.s Blackjack- Tag Team Championships
Oscars pinned Retro after a side belly-to-belly suplex- 7:00

Osi Anyaou v.s Travis Hawke- Submission
Hawke submitted Anyaou with an ankle lock- 30:09

El Dynamite v.s X-killer
Dynamite pinned X-killer after a mexikick- 5:03

Main Event: Nigel Wilmington v.s Hick Franks
Franks pinned Wilmington after a Fill me up- 7:12

Episode 7

May 22, 2009, Fresno, California

X-Killer v.s Osi Anyaou
Anyaou pinned X-Killer after a T-bone suplex- 13:42

Kollister v.s Jave Metalhead
Kollister pinned Metalhead after a sunset flip powerbomb- 10:59

Jason Greyhound & Duke Terry Taylor v.s Xaviar Python & Paul Redd- Tag team
Greyhound pinned redd after a Python's Poison from Python- 21:28

El Dynamite v.s Porkchop
Dynamite made Porkchop submit with a Gory Special- 13:15

Main Event: Nigel Wilmington v.s Dan Danials
Danials pinned Wilmington after a Wisconsin Driver- 6:09

Episode 8

May 29, Manchester, England

Blackjack v.s Alinore & Kollister
Oscars submitted Kollister with a Ho-Dar- 16:12

Muggshott v.s Paul Redd v.s Xaviar Python- Triple threat
Muggshott pinned Redd after a samoan drop- 20:01

D-Ray smith v.s Alinore
Alinore submitted Smith with a abdominal stretch- 12:36

George O'Grady v.s Jave Metalhead- Hardcore- Zero-G Championship
O'Grady pinned Metalhead with a Irish Buster- 11:48

Main Event: Dick Oscars v.s Kollister
Kollister pinned Oscars after a Yin & Yang- 8:46

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