Slab Puente
Names Slab Puente
Height 6'2
Weight 223
Born April 22, 1991
Birthplace Valencia, Spain
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Valencia, Spain
Billed from Valencia, Spain
Trained by Dory Funk Jr. Gym
Debut Feb 11, 2013
Retired {{{retired}}}
Slab Puente is a current DCO superstar who has held the DCO World Championship on two occasions, as well as the Tag Team and Teleivison Championships.


Slab Puente and Daryl Queerstreet former a tag team called Margaritaville. On 24th February 2013 Margaritaville defeated Guns of the Patriots in a Ladder Match to win the DCO Tag Team Championship. 7 days later Margaritaville lost the DCO Tag Team Championship to Grab Power and Rooster Lovesauce at Not An Easy Kill.

At Kiss From a Rose Puente defeated Rip Beefgnaw to win the DCO Television Championship. At Dillon, You Son of a Bitch! Puente retained the DCO Television Championship against Craven Moorehead. At The Fourth Reich Puente lost the DCO Television Championship to Rooster Lovesauce. At And The Horse You Rode In On Puente lost his rematch against Rooster Lovesauce for the DCO Television Championship.

On April 16th, 2015 the DCO World Championship was vacated and sent back to DCO so they had a 32-Man Battle Royal for the tittle which Puente won the match last eliminating Brick Cannon. At Total Recall 2 Puente lost the DCO World Championship to Brick Cannon. On a house show Puente defeated Brick Cannon to win the DCO World Championship of the second time. At The Sloppy End of My Fuckstick Puente was involved in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the DCO World Championship which was won by Rip Beefgnaw. At Brawl at the Mall Puente was in a Triple Threat Match for the DCO World Championship which the match was won by Distance Riley.

At Celine Dion's Greatest Hits Puente won his second DCO Tag Team Championship when he teamed up with Rip Beefgnaw and defeated DEVON DAYDREAM and Ron Rage to win the DCO Tag Team Championship. At an 8-Inch Cock retain the DCO Tag Team Championship against Legs n' Lips. At ERASER II Puente and Rip Beefgnaw had to vacated the DCO Tag Team Championship become they both was called up to New-WWE. Puente would return to DCO because he didn't debut on New-WWE.

On June 16, 2017, Puente was defeated by Derek The V Extreme, where the winner get's a future DCO World Championship Match. On July 15, Puente made his return to DCO as he defeated Mr. Death.


  • Diving Moonsault
  • Leg Sweep STO

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