Names Slash
Height 5'10
Weight 220lbs
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Billed from Rock Island, Illinois
Trained by Kayden
Debut 2nd January 2010
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Slash is a professional CAW superstar and is most known for wrestling in MCW.

MCW (2010-2011)

Debut & Feud with Adrian J (2010)

Slash debuted in early 2010 as Kaydens apprentice and was defeated in the semi-final of the 16 man tournament to final the first NWF World Champion. He began a feud with Adrian J and won the NWF World Championship at Ressurexion 2010. He lost the NWF World Championship at Thrive to Survive 2010 to Adam Raven when it was unified with the MCW Lightweight Championship.

3 Minute Wonders 2010 & Injury (2010)

Slash agreed to join Derek's stable to take down The Faction called The 3 Minute Wonders 2010. The 2 teams fought at Date With Fate where the faction won. Slash lost to O Bone at Last Man Standing. The Faction tore Slash's Pectoral muscle the night after Last Man Standing.

Return, Feud with Bryan Scar and release (2011)

Slash returned at MCW Era 2011 after The New Faction defeated Adrian J and Derek by count-out. He attacked O-Bone and Jack Crew single handedly and layed them both out. Bryan Scar was chosen as the tag team partner of Slash for a match against The New Faction at MCW Thrive to Survive 2011. But the team was defeated. Slash & Scar fought at MCW Night of Legends 2011 in the first MCW Tag Team Turmoil. Slash & Scar were up third against then Tag Team Champions Jase Lennon & Redline, who the defeated but were beaten by the last team in the match The New Faction. Slash then started to feud with Bryan Scar from then when Scar blamed Slash for the teams loss at Night of Legends, this formed into a match between the two at MCW Date With Fate 2011 which Scar won. They then fought again at MCW Immortal where the loser must leave MCW. Slash lost and left the company. MCW announced Slash's release on October 2nd 2011. The reason being of Slash's violation of the wellness policy and being brought into MCW by Rob Smith before Smith's betrayal of MCW, his friends and his social life.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher moves

Blazing Frets / The Back Door

  • Signature Moves

Shining Wizard

Championships and Accomplishments

1 Time NWF World Champion

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