Smackdown Women's Championship
WWE SmackDown Womens Championship
Current champion(s) Bayley
Date Won Battleground 3
League New-WWE
Brand Smackdown
Introduced 2016
Most reigns Athena Snow
First Champion Rosetta
Last Champion
Longest Reign Athena Snow (1st reign)
Shortest Reign Rosetta (1st reign)
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s)

The Smackdown Women's Championship is the women's division championship in New-WWE exclusive to the Smackdown brand. It debuted on the first episode of Smackdown following the brand split being put into place in Season 10, when Smackdown General Manager William Regal introduced the title in response to Raw's introduction of its brand-exclusive Women's Championship on its first post-brand split episode. The first champion was Rosetta, who won a six-woman battle royal to crown the inaugural champion on her first night in New-WWE. Currently, the Smackdown Women's Champion is Bayley, who is in her first reign.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
Rosetta 1 Defeated Athena Snow, Nikki Bella, Paige, Summer Rae and Maryse in a battle royal on Smackdown. Smackdown
Nikki Bella 1 Defeated Rosetta at Backlash 7. Smackdown
Athena Snow 1 Defeated Nikki Bella on Smackdown. Smackdown
Asuka 1 Defeated Athena Snow at WrestleMania XIII in less than a minute. Smackdown
Athena Snow 2 Defeated Bayley at Money in the Bank 7. Champion Asuka was unable to compete due to an attack earlier in the night by an unknown assailant. Smackdown
Bayley 1 Defeated Athena Snow at Battleground 3. Smackdown
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