Solja Boy
Names The Solja, Youngblood, The Showstopper
Height 6.9
Weight 236 Ibs
Born 17th October 1982
Birthplace Westneburry, Massacheuchettes
Died 17th October 2012
Sydney, California
Resides Sydney, California
Billed from 245 a year
Trained by Hulk Hogan
Debut Febuary 2011
Retired June 2012
Graham Wallace kwown commonly by his ring name Solja Boy is a wrestler on UWE signed on it's Maniacs Brand.


Born October 17th 1982 Graham had developed a liking for wrestling. His room was filled with every Hulk Hogan figure he could find. Soon he met Hogan while watching a match live and Hogan decided to train him to be a superstar like him. Graham then finally had the courage to come about and go to the UWE. He had managed to win the United States Champion for two years then on his stay at WWE he won the Intercontinental Championship however Jack Swagger eliminated him in a chamber matchup causing him to be stripped of his title.

Stay in UWE

Wallace joined Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment in Febuary 2011. He had been United States Champion for two years after defeated CM Punk. He had it for two years until Edge defeated him causing him to shift to WWE winning the Intercontinental Championship until Jack Swagger defeated him with an Ankle Lock followed by 450 splash making him pin worthy.


Solja Slam(Reverse piledriver followed by slam

Grenade Suplex(Reverse Suplex and head slam)

Slingshot Drive(Slingshot plus chin slam on knee)

RKO(adopted from Randy Orton


Five Knuckle Shuffle(adopted from John Cena)

Walls Of Jericho(adopted from Chris Jericho)

Spinning DDT

Anaconda Vise

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