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Something CAWful is a forum made on March 30th 2010 by ZaquiriDaquiri (Owner of ICCW), Jericho222 (Owner of Jeri-MAX) and ReX (Owner of CARL). Unlike some other forums, Something CAWful's members are able to acknowledge that their feds are not the most popular in the CAW world. This may be the reason why they have more than double the members of certain other forums. The forum was later renamed to "Something," after most people came to the conclusion that CAW was a dying fad, but was renamed back to "Something CAWful on December 15th, 2010.



Something CAWful's logo from March 30,2010 - October 5, 2010

Something CAWful was created so that CAW had a forum not only for a specific CAW league but for all CAW leagues very much like CAWUnderground. It currently has 271 members as of August 31sth 2010. When it was first started it had seperate CAW Sections divided into SvR, No Mercy and Other game type feds. However on the 5th of October this was abandoned with the conclusion that CAW was dead and the CAW Section were merged into one. As a result of this the forum was renamed to just Something. On December 15th, 2010, Jericho222 took full power and renamed the forum back to Something CAWful.


The Something Logo (October 11th - December 15th, 2010)


On April 26th 2010 the owners of Something CAWful decided to draft the forums into 2 brands: Smackdown and Raw. ZaquiriDaquiri would be in charge of the Raw Brand and Jericho222 would be in charge of the Smackdown Brand. When you joined the Forums you would have started off in the "NXT" (unofficial name) brand until one of the owners drafted you. The official forum brand split finally came to an end on October 11th, 2010.


In a tradition carried over from the SMF Forum, Something CAWful hosts an award ceremony every year between late November and early December. Forum members make nominations for several award categories (both positive and negative) and then proceed to vote after the candidates have been finalized.

CAW Leagues on Something CAWful

  • The Vivianverse
    • Over the time of Something CAWful, All leagues who have found home to Something CAWful had also became members of the Vivianverse with all other leagues either going defunct or on a hiatus.

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