Southern Heavyweight Championship
AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Al Gore
Date Won
League CAWllision, FNW
Brand KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge, FNW Interactive
Introduced 2011
Retired 2013
Most reigns Gaylord Queerstreet
First Champion David Hart Smith
Last Champion Al Gore
Longest Reign Frank Garrett (283 days)
Shortest Reign David Hart Smith (3 Mins 28 Secs)
Heaviest Champion King Mabel (487 lbs)
Lightest Champion Jeff Hardy (215 Pounds)
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The Southern Heavyweight Championship is the first ever created CAWllision Champion in The CAWllision Series but is now in possession of FNW. The first Southern Heavyweight Champion in the series was "All Black" David Hart Smith when he won one of the two Battle Royals at KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge and then defeated the other battle royal winner, King Mabel. The current champion is Perry Saturn, The title was officially given to the company FNW. And the title was immediately made for no more free use to the public. After using the title briefly as a secondary championship, FNW quit using the title, and it was retired.

Wrestler: Times: Days Held: Notes: Event:
David Hart Smith 1 0 Defeated King Mabel after winning a Battle Royal to earn the right to compete in the first title match KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge
Jeff Hardy 1 9 Defeated DH Smith right after Smiths win against King Mabel. KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge
Gaylord Queerstreet 1 12 Defeated Jeff Hardy at a house show. House Show
Legs Strokeworthy 1 10 Defeated Gaylord Queerstreet, Big Bill Studebaker, and Rod Queerstreet. APteranodon Show
Earthquake 1 0 Defeated Legs Strokeworthy, Mr. Big, and Butts XBL Match
Shawn Dynasty 1 0 Defeated Bob Orton, Primo, and Earthquake XBL Match
Oshujax 1 0 Defeated Shawn Dynasty, and Goldberg for the title and the Champion of Champions title. XBL Match
Jeff Hardy 2 0 Defeated Oshujax, and Adam for the title and the Champion of Champions title. XBL Match
Broly 1 0 Defeated Jeff Hardy and Bret Michaels for the title and the Champion of Champions title. XBL Match
John Cena 1 4 Defeated Broly, and Davey Boy Smith for the title. XBL Match
The Rock 1 1 Somehow won the title in a Hardcore Cage Match between John Cena and Walleh. FNW Show
Gaylord Queerstreet 2 3 Awarded the title after The Rock had to record WWE Films new movie, Knucklehead 2, which is a crossover with The Tooth Fairy N/A
Bob Holly 1 1 Defeated Gaylord Queerstreet and a tree on Xbox Live. XBL Match
Scott Hall 1 0 Defeated Bob Holly. DCWL House Show
The Big Bossman 1 8 When Scott Hall was drinking and driving, The Big Bossman came back to life and pulled Scott Hall over, taking the Southern Heavyweight title as a bribe to let him go. Bossman took it making him the champion. Bossman would still arrest Hall anyway. N/A
William Regal 1 1 Defeated Big Bossman after a 78.34 foot high crossbody. FNW Show
Frank Garrett 1 283 Defeated William Regal at a house show. N/A
Art Fistmouth 1 114 Ladder match Defeated Frank Garrett on a DCWL House Show
Title given to FNW
Art Fistmouth 1 120 Continued Reign N/A
Pornoman 1 1 Won the championship in a 20 Man Battle Royal FNW 23
Gaylord Queerstreet 3 7 Defeated Pornoman in a singles match. FNW Interactive Capital CeNation
Sheena "Glenn Jacobs" Marie 1 0 Defeated Gaylord Queerstreet in a singles match. FNW Interactive Bash at the Beach
Ray Bradstone 1 20 Defeated Sheena "Glenn Jacobs" Marie in a singles match.
Prince of Pain 1 30 Defeated Ray Bradstone in a singles match.
XtremeTony 1 0 Defeated Prince of Pain and Primo in a triple threat match. FNW The Season's Beatings
King Mabel 1 4 Won the vacant championship in a match that included Cleatus Tumbleweed, Derek, and Barnacle Boy. FNW 61
Perry Saturn 1 - Won the championship in a Black vs White 4v4 Team Match. FNW White Power III
Haduken 1 0 Won the championship beating Perry Saturn via pinfall. FNW New Found Glory Pre-Show
Al Gore 1 0+ Won the championship beating Haduken FNW 70: Chris Benoit
FNW drops title, and it is retired

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