Steven Foley is a American born up incoming CAW wrestler who made his start in ANWA 

Steven Foley
Names Steven Foley
Height 5'9
Weight 176lbs
Born June 22, 1964
Birthplace Washington DC
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Washington, DC
Billed from Washington, DC
Trained by Self Trained
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Retired {{{retired}}}


Steven Foley won has won both ANWA world title and ANWA TV title but after the "incident" he has begun working for the FOE bussiness along side the owner,Andrew Gregory


.In his debut match he beat Mystico via pinfall after the In the Frame.A few victories later and he found himself challenging for the FOE International title.He lost the match to Alex Stevens after Stevens hit the Angel's Wings.The following night on the Premiere of the new show FOE Knockout Foley teamed with Shaun Thomas in a losing effort against Alex Stevens and Jason Llunga.

Personal Life

Steven Foley is infact American born as he was born in Washington DC. His stay there was short lived as he was kidnaped after birth by an alien race and put in a zoo.  He would years later busted out when he was older but he preferred to stay naked. After years of development he has become comfortable with just a thong. After following local gays he has found a passion for wrestling with other men and now has gone pro.


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