Stretch Squatthrust is a CAW Wrestler/ former body builder currently signed to AWP.

Stretch Squatthrust
Stretch Squatthrust 1
Names Stretch Squatthrust
Height 6'6
Weight 320 lbs
Born August 1, 1990
Birthplace Denmark
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Denmark
Billed from Denmark
Trained by Some guys at his local gym
Debut March 29, 2011 (Release date of WWE All Stars)
Retired {{{retired}}}

Personal Info

Stretch Squatthrust started as a body building enthusiast who dreamed of going pro until he suffered a horrible squatting accident. He turned to professional wrestling as a backup career to pursuit.


  • The Pectoral Plunge - (Running Powerbomb)
  • Definition Driver - (Implant DDT)


Salt N Pepa- Whatta Man

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