Superstar Development Alliance
Acronym SDA
Establishment July 20, 2010
Owner(s) Inspector Shetty (2010 - 2011)
Steven Spriter (2011 - )
Staff Shetty
Formerly n/a
Website n/a
SDA is a CAW League set up in the Summer 2010, it was originally used as a developmental territory for New Era Of Sports Entertainment, but became one for the whole of the Vivianverse. It is currently used as a territory for the defense of the CAW Young Lions Cup.


Original Rules (July 20th - 23rd August 2010) SDA mentors will try and make the wannabes into the NESE Superstars. But to do that, they must go through the four stages of trail.

Four stages are as follow

  • Collect 5 wins
  • Defeat one of the SDA mentors
  • Defeat both SDA mentors
  • Defeat an established NESE Superstar

These don't have to be completed in any order.

New Rules (23rd August 2010 - 14th March 2011)

The new rules would see that wrestlers could only sign up if they were not already a member of the roster of a current Vivianverse league. An SDA Championship will be created as a means of competition.

SDA mentors are Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagonoli.

SDA Reboot (14th September - Present)

SDA would be brought back, but under Spriter's supervision. Unlike the last version, SDA would be centered around the CAW Young Lions Cup, where a CAW would have to collect 5 wins (in a row). Once they collected 5 wins, they could cash in a shot against the CAW Young Lions Cup, however if they failed to win the title they would not be able to compete for it again until the current champion loses the cup, but if the holder loses the cup, they will be released.

Overview of rules:

  • Must collect 5 wins to be in contention (If a CAW lost while having some points, the points will be reset and they will have to start at 0)
  • If the holder loses the cup, they will be released.
  • If the challengers loses the match, they cannot compete for the cup until the holder they faced drops the cup.


Wrestler Wins Losses Points
Jacob Marley 2 2 0
Demar Thomas 3 1 2
Kosmo Thomas 1 2 0
"Dangerman" Dyno 2 0 2
Tony Vegas 0 0 N/A (Current Holder)
Travis King 0 3 0
Stu Fearghali 1 1 0
Big Boi 2 1 2
Superstar Craig David 0 2 0
The Ravshing One Ryan Nitro 0 2 0
Chris Jorgsten 1 0 1
Ryan Baxter 1 0 1


BEN HITMAN & Kosmo Thomas

Jacob Marley & Demar Thomas

The Michigan Blondes (Superstar Craig David & The Ravshing One Ryan Nitro)

Coolest Kids in School (Chris Jorgsten & Ryan Baxter)

CAW Young Lions Cup

Read More: CAW Young Lions Cup

Wrestler: Date Won Days Held Notes:
B.B. Disco 6th September 2011 24 Won at the CAW Young Lions Cup 2011 Tournament
Tony Vegas 30th September 2011 2153 Won at TCW* 16

SDA World Championship

Wrestler: Times: Date Won Days Held Notes:
Kosmo Thomas 1 26th August 2010 9 Defeated Jacob Marley, The Bock and "Dangerman" Dyno in a 4 Way Dance
Dicky Softnoodle 1 3rd September 2010 7 Defeated Kosmo Thomas, Aaron Alexander & Adam Edge in a 4 Way Dance
Aaron Alexander 1 10th September 2010 98 Defeated Dicky Softnoodle in Single Match
RKO 1 17th December 2010 3 Defeated Aaron Alexander, Dicky Softnoodle & Xavier in a 4 Way Dance
Legs Strokeworthy 1 20th December 2010 23 Defeated RKO in a Singles Match
Bryce Kanyon 1 13th January 2010 50 Defeated Legs Strokeworthy in a Singles Match
VACANT Title Vacated when company folds
Jun Akiyama 1 14th April 2010 0 Title merged with the OLW World Heavyweight Championship and HRW Championship to create the NESE-J Triple Crown Championship


Moved on to bigger League

Failed their Training

  • RKO (released on closure; deceased)
  • Marvin Anderson (released on closure; deceased)
  • Adam Edge (released on closure)
  • Dicky Softnoodle (released on closure)
  • VooDoo Zombie (released on closure)
  • Slap Godscock (released on closure)
  • Jason Mattews (released on closure)
  • Spitfire (released on closure)
  • Legs Strokeworthy (released on closure)
  • The Bock (released on closure)
  • Bryce Kanyon (released on closure)
  • Bruce Batman (released on closure)
  • Dick Robin (released on closure)
  • Walter Scott (released on closure)

Lost the CAW Young Lions Cup

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