The Supreme Wrestling Alliance (often abbreviated SWA) is an up-and-coming CAW league as well an Alliance of smaller CAW Leagues. SWA will host its own shows with its own Original Caws that those under the Alliance can borrow for its own shows, as well as having SWA sponsored content and Championships.

Alliance Leagues

  • Ebberon Championship Wrestling : CAW wrestling leagues where the wrestlers are based on well known and iconic D&D and Pathfinder Characters
  • CAW Wrestling Society X : CAW League where the wrestlers are based on Wrestlers no longer seen on the WWE, are not likely to return to the WWE (deceased, retired or otherwise) or have never been to the WWE but are culturally relevant to wrestling.
  • Insane CAW Wrestling : CAW league where the wrestlers are fictional characters, mostly from Comic books, Anime and Manga.


  • SWA Universal Heavyweight Championship
  • SWA Universal Tag Team Championship
  • SWA Women's Championship
  • SWA United States Championship
  • SWA Hardcore Championship



  • Samson Matthews
  • Ryan Von Rivard
  • Exodus
  • Azul Vampiro
  • Sheik Rey Shiraz
  • Kloraksatan
  • Dragón Tormenta
  • Loki
  • Zues
  • Isaiah Armstrong
  • Zane De Luca
  • Alex Lawless
  • Ōzeki


  • Sigyn
  • Amy
  • Linda Winn
  • Layla Fairbanks
  • Lucy Fairbanks
  • Paige Conaway
  • "Perfect" Penny Lawless

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