Suspect's Lariat Dungeon (often abbreviated to SLD) is a ficticious stable of CAWs. The group was formed by people The Suspect along with people who trained under him to use powerful Lariats in the wrestling ring. They show pride in the group by donning the colors Pink, Black and White to represent them standing out and being unique compared to anybody else in CAW. It is currently a five membered stable with The Suspect, Caylen Rogers, Steven Spriter, Danny Jackpot and J222. Eddie Domainian was a former member until his sudden demise.

The Search for the Next Member

IWT Streams after getting a lot of funding of a Bajillion Dollars from the Newlegacy streams starting work on finding a new member to join the SLD. 8 Rookies 1 Goal to join the SLD

Photo Name Finisher Win-Loss Record
SLD Disco BB Disco Lifting Powerslam 0-3 (eliminated)
SLD Chas Chas Olympic Slam 3-4 (eliminated)
SLD Magician Dark Magician Swinging DDT 1-1 (eliminated)
SLD OShea Evan O'Shea High Implant DDT 2-1
SLD Jones Jake Jones Downward Spiral 0-1 (Eliminated)
SLD Haduken Haduken Cutter 1-1 (Eliminated)
SLD Heritage Sean Heritage Twist of Fate 4-1 (eliminated)
SLD SubZero Sub Zero Michinoku Driver 2-2

Rookie and Pros Pairings

After Week 4 the remaining rookies were paired with a pro to help them further in the competition.

Pro Rookie
Caylen Rogers Evan O'Shea
Danny Jackpot Shawn Heritage
Jericho 222 Chaz
Steven Spriter Dark Magician
The Suspect Sub Zero

Poll results

Rookie Week 3 Week 4 Week 8 Week 9
Sub Zero Safe Safe Safe Winner
Evan O'Shea Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Dark Magician Immune Safe Eliminated
Chas Safe Safe Eliminated
Sean Heritage Safe Safe Eliminated
Haduken Safe Eliminated
BB Disco Safe Eliminated
Jake Jones Eliminated

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