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*22: War Games Torneo Dragon
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Promotion TCW*
Date March 3, 2012
Venue Sun Life Stadium, Bankatlantic Center
City Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Theme Song "The Army Inside" by Lacuna Coil
Last Event *21: Natural Born Masters
Next Event *23: The Killing Joke

War Games Torneo Dragon is the second event of Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk's third season. The main feature of the show, in similar fashion to War Games: Torneo Conejo, will be the War Games Tournament, a Four-team Trios Tournament culminating in an Elimination Tornado Tag War Chamber match. The winners will receive future shots at TCW* Championships, the top performer of the winning team earning a shot at the TCW* World Championship at the next show.

The Teams in this season's War Games Tournament consisted of:

  • One Dumb-Ax Nation (Season 2 Winners): Racky Joe The Afro Bandito, Trece Alvarez, & Roscoe Carter
  • Team Japan: Kenshin, TAKA Michinoku, & Unknown Partner (revealed to be Minoru Suzuki)
  • The Following: The Father, Clyde Silva, & Calavera
  • Blood For Gold: B.B. Disco, Zane Ulmeyda, & Rurouni Mutoh
Match Stipulation
Team Japan def. One Dumb-Ax Nation War Games Tournament 1st Round
The Following def. Blood For Gold War Games Tournament 1st Round
Dollface def. Rebecca Diago (c) & Dani Gibbons Triple Threat Match for the TCW* Women's Championship
Nappa def. Rocky Blade (c) & Hijo Del Reyes Three-Way Dance for the TCW* World Championship
Team Japan def. The Following War Chamber Match - War Games Tournament Final Round
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