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TCW* Fire Pro Championship
Current champion(s) Roscoe Carter
Date Won April 5, 2014
League TCW*
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Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Clyde Silva (2 Times)
First Champion The Dark Star
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign TAKA Michinoku (1st, 145 days)
Shortest Reign The Dark Star (1st, 21 days)
Heaviest Champion The Dark Star
Lightest Champion TAKA Michinoku
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Past design(s) Tcwfireprochampionship

The Fire Pro Championship replaces the Mpire Championship as Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk's new Tertiary division Title. The belt can change hands via pinfall, submission, and knockout and can be defended against all comers regardless of gender. The inaugural Champion was decided at *26: Human Hi-Fi.

Champion Date Won (Show) # of Days held/ Defenses
The Dark Star 6/2/12 (*26: Human Hi-Fi) 21/0
Dwayne Matthews 6/23/12 (*27: Morning In America) 71/1
TAKA Michinoku 9/1/12 (*XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate) 145/1
Hijo Del Reyes 1/26/13 (*33: Operation Kansas) 108/2
Clyde Silva 5/11/13 (*37: Cadaveriffic) 77/1
Calavera 7/27/13 (*XL: Ichiban Requiem) 43/0
Clyde Silva (2) 9/7/13 (*41: Absolute) 77/0
Zane Ulmeyda 11/23/13 (*43: The Zoot Suit Riot) 133/0
Roscoe Carter 4/5/14 (*46: Virtual Insanity) 18+/0+
Current Champion: Roscoe Carter
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