TCW* Intercontinental Championship
Current champion(s) Ethan Sanders
Date Won February 13th, 2016
League TCW*
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced October 22, 2010
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Dwayne Matthews, B.B. Disco, Rocky Blade (2 Times)
First Champion Kenshin
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Trece Alverez (3rd, 623 days)
Shortest Reign Rocky Blade (2nd, 13 Days)
Heaviest Champion Dwayne Matthews (326 lbs)
Lightest Champion Trece Alvarez (236 lbs)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) Tcw ic belt

The TCW* Intercontinental Championship is Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk's Midcard title. It was created on October 22, 2010 where Kenshin defeated AKI-Man and B.B. Disco in a triple threat ladder match.

Champion Date won (show) # of days held/defenses
Kenshin 10/22/10 (*1: Fight The Hedges) 189/3
*Kenshin relinquishes belt to pursue the World Title* (4/7/11)
Trece Alvarez 4/16/11 (TCW**9: The Reign of Black Snow) 21/0
Dwayne Matthews 5/7/11 (ICHIBAN) 35/0
Zane Ulmeyda 6/11/11 (*11: Mega Drive) 63/1
The Dark Star 8/13/11 (*14: Violence For The Sake of Violence) 86/3
Dwayne Matthews (2) 11/12/11 (*18: A Clean Burning Hell)


B.B. Disco 2/11/12 (*21: Natural Born Masters) 63/1
Hijo Del Reyes 4/14/12 (*24: Terms of Enrampagement) 49/0
B.B. Disco (2) 6/2/12 (*26: Human Hi-Fi) 209/3
Rocky Blade 12/27/12 (Webmatch) 184/4
Billy Yank 6/29/13 (*39: Bullet Control) 28/0
Rocky Blade (2) 7/27/13 (*XL: Ichiban Requiem) 13/0
Trece Alvarez (2) 8/10/13 (Exclamtion) 183/3
Clyde Silva 2/8/14 (*XLV: Fists of Iron Uprise) 115/1
Trece Alvarez (3) 6/1/14 (*47: Año Del Jaguar) 623/1
Ethan Sanders 13/2/16 (*52: War Games Torneo Mono) 556+/0+

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