TCW* Kinniku Classic
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Promotion TCW*
Date July 17-25, 2012
Venue Various places
City Various
Theme Song "Striker" by All Japan Pro Wrestling
Last Event *28: Trailer King's Road
Next Event *29: Switchblade Symphony
The Kinnikuman Classic is a Round Robin Tournament, inspired by New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax, consisting of 10 men split into two separate blocks. The tournament takes place under the guidelines of the Fire Pro Divison. Each match has a 20-Minute time limit, under no disqualifications and no count outs. Points are awarded by:
  • 1 Point= Time Limit Draw
  • 2 Points= Win by Pinfall or Submission
  • 3 Points= Win by Knockout/Critical

The winners of each block will compete for the TCW* World Championship at *XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate in a triple threat match. at *29: Switchblade Symphony, the block winners will face eachother in the Kinniku Classic Finals, the winner of that match will decide what type of stipulation is added to the Main Event.

Block A Roscoe Carter B.B. Disco Calavera Nappa Ulmeyda Score
Roscoe Carter X L L L L 0
B.B. Disco W X L L L 2
Calavera W W X L W 6
Nappa W W W X W 6
Zane Ulmeyda W W L W X 6

Block B Hijo Del Reyes Billy Yank Rocky Blade Darren Tate DarkStar Score
Hijo Del Reyes X L W L L 2
Billy Yank W X L .L L 2
Rocky Blade L W X W L 4
Darren Tate W W L X L 4
The Dark Star W W W W X 8

Match Stipulation
Nappa defeated Calavera and Zane Ulmeyda Block A Tie-Breaker
The Dark Star def. Nappa Kinniku Classic Finals