TCW* Mpire Championship
Current champion(s) Defunct
Date Won May 5, 2012
League TCW*
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Introduced December 26, 2010
Retired May 5, 2012
Most reigns Chief Truro, Ethan Sander, Billy Yank, and Darren Tate (2 times)
First Champion Chief Truro
Last Champion Darren Tate
Longest Reign Darren Tate (1st, 180 days)
Shortest Reign Chief Truro (1st, 6 days)
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
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The Mpire Championship can be considered Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk's third tier and Hardcore Championship. The belt is always defended within the bracket of MDickie wrestling games.

Champion Date Won (Show) # Of Days Held/ # Of Defenses
Chief Truro 12/26/10 (House Show) 6/0
Jay Hancock 1/1/11 (*4: Viva La Banshee) 21/0
B.B. Disco 1/22/11 (*5: Fists of Iron) 21/0
Skullduggery III 2/12/11 (*6: Scorched Earth) 29/0
Chief Truro (2) 3/15/11 (House Show) 53/1
Darren Tate 5/7/11 (*X: Ichiban) 180/4
Ethan Sander 11/4/11 (Webmatch) 58/1
Billy Yank 12/31/11 (*XX: Ichiban Returns) 62/0
Ethan Sander (2) 3/2/12 (*22: War Games Torneo Dragon Preshow) 22/0
Billy Yank (2) 3/24/12 (*23: The Killing Joke) 42/0
Darren Tate (2) 5/5/12 (*XXV: Fists of Iron Reign of EVIL) 0/0
*Belt Retired after match when Tate threw Title to giant leopard soon after match*

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