TCW* World Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) One Dumb-Ax Nation
Date Won December 21, 2014
League TCW*
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced November 21, 2010
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Ulmutoh (5 Times)
First Champion Kenshin & Darren Tate
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Real Rock n' Rolla's (1st, 329 days)
Shortest Reign Kenshin & Darren Tate (3rd, 21 days)
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) Tcwpngcustomtagtitlegreenscreen

The TCW* Tag Team Championship was first brought into creation on November 21, 2010. Its first holders were decided in a four-team mini tournament. In the qualifying matches, Kenshin and Darren Tate defeated the One Dumb-Ax Nation's Trece Alvarez & Racky Joe The Afro Bandito, and The Honkies of Destruction (Dwayne Matthews and The Dark Star) defeated Chaotic EVIL (Nappa and TAKA Michinoku). The belts can be defended under the Freebird Rule, meaning any two members of a stable can defend the title in a match.

Champions Date Won (Show) # of Days Held/Defenses
Kenshin & Darren Tate 11/21/10 (*2: Sports Talk Wrestling) 40/0

Chaotic EVIL
(Nappa & TAKA Michinoku)

1/1/11 (*4: Viva La Banshee) 126/3
Ulmutoh (1)
(Rurouni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda)
5/7/11 (*X: ICHIBAN) 35/0
Chaotic EVIL (2)
(Nappa & TAKA Michinoku)
6/11/11 (*11: Mega Drive) 34/0
Rocky Blade & Nathan Roderick 7/25/11 (Webmatch) 67/1
Kenshin & Darren Tate (2) 8/30/11 (*16: Imminent Threat) 92/2
Ulmutoh (2)
(Rurouni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda)
12/31/11 (*XX: Ichiban Returns) 105/1
Kenshin & Darren Tate (3) 4/14/12 (*24: Terms of Enrampagement) 22/0
Title vacated when Darren Tate suffered injuries (5/6/12)
The Following
(Father Jacob Graves & Clyde Silva)
5/16/12 (Webmatch) 109/2
Ulmutoh (3)
(Rurouni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda)
9/1/12 (*XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate) 35/0
One Dumb-Ax Nation
(Racky Joe, Roscoe Carter & Trace Alverez)
10/6/12 (*31: The One Who Knocks) 91/0
Ulmutoh (4)
(Rurouni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda)
1/5/13 (*32: War Games Torneo Serpiente) 126/2
Dwayne Matthews & Darren Tate 5/11/13 (*37: Cadaveriffic) 49/1
Ulmutoh (5)(Rurouni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda) 6/29/13 (*39: Bullet Control) 28/0
Real Rock 'n Rolla's
(Prince Devitt & Ethan Sander)
7/27/13 (*XL: Ichiban Requiem)


Northern Lights Mafia
(Nathan Roderick & Billy Yank)
6/21/14 (*48: Relief or Regret) 183/0
One Dumb-Ax Nation (2)
(Racky Joe, Roscoe Carter & Trace Alverez)
12/21/14 (*50: Ichiban Valiance) 950+/2+

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