*XL: Ichiban Requiem
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Promotion TCW*
Date July 2013
Venue Wembley Stadium
City London, England
Theme Song "Live It Up" by Airbourne
"My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fall Out Boy
Last Event *39: Bullet Control
Next Event *41: Absolute

Ichiban Requiem is the finale of Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk's fourth season. One of the main events will be TCW* World Champion B.B. Disco vs. the winner of *38: World Prime Ax's main event, Kenshin, in a Will of Steel Match.

Match Stipulation
Funky Cool (Rikishi & Brodus Clay) (c) def. Ulmutoh Pre-Show; Tag Team Match for the New-NAW Tag Team Championship
Calavera def. Clyde Silva (c) UWF Rules Match for the TCW* Fire Pro Championship (Pinfall, 6:18 2R)
Dani Gibbons (c) def. Dollface, Barbie Jay Tucker and Rebecca Diago Four Way Dance for the TCW* Women's Championship
Ethan Sander & Prince Devitt def. Ulmutoh (c) and Dwayne Matthews & Darren Tate Tag Team Turmoil Match for the TCW* Tag Team Championship
Rocky Blade def. Billy Yank (c), Trece Alvarez, Roscoe Carter and Nathan Roderick 20 Minute Championship Scramble Match for the TCW* Intercontinental Championship
Hijo Del Reyes def. Father Jacob Graves "Loser Leaves Town" I Quit Match; If Hijo loses, he will never be unable to compete in a TCW* ring again. If Graves loses, he will leave TCW* and The Following will disband.
B.B. Disco (c) def. Kenshin 4-3 30 Minute Will of Steel Match for the TCW* World Championship
e v TCW* Events
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Season 2: *11: Mega Drive · *12: War Games: Torneo Conejo · *13: Outcry From Outworld · *14: Violence For The Sake of Violence · *XV: Fists of Iron: The New Challengers · *16: Imminent Threat · *17: Casino Royale · *18: A Clean Burning Hell · *19: CAW-Wres Noire · *XX: Ichiban Returns
Season 3: *21: Natural Born Masters · *22: War Games Torneo Dragon ·*23: A Killing Joke · *24: Terms Of Enrampagement · *XXV: Fists of Iron Reign of EVIL · *26: Human Hi-fi · *27: Morning In America · *28: Trailer King's Road · *29: Switchblade Symphony · *XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate
Season 4: *31: The One Who Knocks · *32: War Games Torneo Serpiente · *33: Operation Kansas · *34: Mr. Fahrenheit · *XXXV: Fists of Iron King of Rock · *36: Crimson Moon · *37: Cadaveriffic · *38: World Prime Ax · *39: Bullet Control · *XL: Ichiban Requiem
Season 5: *41: Absolute · *42: War Games Torneo Caballo · *43: The Zoot Suit Riot · *44: Proper Villains · *XLV: Fists of Iron Uprise · *46: Virtual Insanity · *47: Año Del Jaguar · *48: Relief or Regret · *49: Gateway · *50: Ichiban Valiance
Season 6: *51: Homecoming · *52:Torneo Mono · *53: Lolla Pagoda ·*54: Electric Revival · *LV: Fists of Iron Victoria · *56: Fall of Ideals

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