TEF New Years Bash 2005 results

live in dallas,texas

starfire def blackfire to win the womens championship

the wicked bros (Wario and Waluigi) def Ronald Mcdonald and george w bush to retain the tag team championship

"HBH" sonic and the rock def bowser and Mini Bowser

Captain America won the road to superbrawl rumble match

1. michael jackson elimalated by homer simpson

2. johnny cage elimalated by jay and silent bob

3. darth maul elimalated by ryu and ken

4. darth vader elimalated by vega and silent bob

5. freakazoid elimalated by vega

6. silent bob elimalated by sonic and kunckles

7. vega elimalated by sonic and tails

8. sonic elimalated by homer simpson

9. homer simpson elimalated by bart and kunckles

10. jay elimalated by silent bob

11. wario elimalated by mario

12. bart simpson elimalated by ghost rider

13. ghost rider elimalated by captain america

14. kunckles elimalated by sonic

15. tails elimalated by captain america

16. ryu elimalated by mario

17. ken masters elimalated by captain america

18. captain america winner

19. mario elimalated by captain america

20. flash elimalated by ghost rider

ahmed johnson def batman to retain the TEF championship

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