TEF Souled Out 2007 results

live in san diego

Knuckles def Bart Simpson (it was the first of the three matches from the triple threat theatre)

tails and mario def venom and michael myers

knuckles def the joker in a steel cage match (it was the second of the threes matches from the triple threat theatre)

ghost rider def mr.clean to retain the interstar championship

guile def krusty the clown and judas

nightwing def homer simpson in a last man standing match

captain america and billy madison def darth vader and darth maul to win the tag team championship in a ladder match (it was billy madison's debut)

TNA Tag Team Champions Aj Styles and Tomko def knuckles in a flaming tables match (it was the third of the three matches from the triple threat theatre

edward elric def seth stern to retain the TEF championship

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