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Totally not him.

TJ Prophet (Born October 30 1992) is a CAW Professional Wrestler . He currently works for Youtube Wrestling Federation (YWF) . He is one of the biggest prospects in CAW Wrestling World .

Early years
TJ was from poor family from Chciago ,Illinois . In school he haven't friends cause they not liked who he came from . Most of kids were from rich families . They liked fun which consists smoking , alcohol and drugs . TJ wasn't like them he was Straightedge he was born that way . Buddies from school hated him and decided to bully him. All ended when TJ was 12 . He decided to face his bullies. When was P.E in lockeroom of TJ classmates young kid backstabbed all guys from behind with a steel chair . Then he goed for the table , lifted one guy and like his one favorite wrestler ,, Macho Man Randy Savage did Flying Elbow drop . Now he stared down against bullies , he was that guy who had judge in his hands . Cameras in lockeroom were there and recorded situation . He becomed a hero . Unfortunately for him director of school suspended him indefinetely . But wrestling journalist Drew Alexander after seeing what that kid did, proposed him to start new chapter in his life in wrestling school . TJ accepted .
2005 - 2011
TJ becomed a member of Wrestling Academz in Chicago . Quicklz becomed one of the best students . So if he was one of best so he was trained best trainers : CM Punk and Colt Cabana .
Entrance theme
TJ Prophet theme04:04

TJ Prophet theme

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