Draft 2010
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Promotion TNXA: Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation
Date October 27, 2010
Venue Conseco Fieldhouse (before as Bakers Life Fieldhouse)
City Indianapolis, Indiana
Theme Song "All I Do is Break Walls" by TREy MasHUps
Last Event First Event
Next Event TNXA CAWnspiracy

In October 27 of 2010, TNXA makes it's debut live in Indianapolis, Indiana on DailyMotion, TNXA DRAFT 2010. The General Managers of TNXA iMPACT! and TNXA Thunder, Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) and Ran Kotobuki (Super GALS!), announce they gonna choose the roster for their brand before or after the match. And the theme song is "All I Do Is Break Walls" Mashup by TREy MasHUps.


# Results Stipulation
1 Ezekiel def. Koga Singles Match
2 "El Tigre" Manny Rivera def. Renji Abarai Singles Match
3 Raven def. Maryse Cuties Singles Match
4 Dokuro Mitsukai def. Pan and Mileena Cuties Triple Threat Xtreme Rules Match
5 Timmy Turner def. The Miz Hell in a Cell Match
Main Event Haru Glory def. Randy Orton No Disqualification Match
  • 2 - Before the match starts, Manny Rivera transformed into El Tigre.
  • 5 - After the match, The Miz is escorted out of the arena in a stretcher.
  • ME - Haru Glory celebrates as he's a member of the TNXA iMPACT! roster.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • At backstage after being drafted to Thunder, Evan Bourne was jumped by Renji Abarai with the lead pipe.
  • At backstage, John the Intern interviews The Hardys, Matt and Jeff Hardy. But, Jack Spicer and Chase Young jumps The Hardys from out of nowhere.
  • Chase Young was ambushed by Raimundo Pedrosa, who jumped him from the titantron, for sleeping Raimundo's girlfriend, Kimiko Tohomiko. Then Raimundo giving punishment on Chase Young.
  • "El Tigre" Manny Rivera, who's being drafted to iMPACT!, giving a speech. And Renji Abarai calls Manny Rivera out and calling a match.
  • At the parking lot, Ezekiel was rapping. Then from out of nowhere, a car ran Ezekiel over.
  • At backstage, Kim Possible and her high school rival, Bonnie Rockwaller, arguing and pushing each other while they call each other "bitch" then they fighting each other.
  • At the locker room, Dokuro-chan was crying about Ezekiel as she talking to Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • At the parking lot, Dokuro-chan revives Ezekiel.
  • Ezekiel confronts the mysterious hit-and-runner who ran him over from earlier. The hit-and-runner was none other than... TEAM ROCKET!
  • When he was drafted to iMPACT!, Marik Ishtar is giving his scary speech.
  • At the GM office, iMPACT! GM, Dexter, and Thunder GM, Ran Kotobuki, is making their bets in the main event match between Randy Orton and Haru Glory.

Draft Results

Raimundo Pedrosa Ezekiel
Jack Evans Koga
Jeff Hardy Renji Abarai
"El Tigre" Manny Rivera Pan
Amu Hinamori Evan Bourne
InuYasha Link
Maryse Chase Young
Zak Saturday Matt Hardy
Kim Possible "The Bind Bandit" Topi Bei Fong
Haruhi Suzumiya Johnny Test
Dokuro Mitsukai Aisha Clan-Clan
"Rated-R Superstar" Edge Toan
Mandy Luxe Raven
Randy Orton Starfire
BloodRayne Bonnie Rockwaller
The Miz Ben "10" Tennyson
Timmy Turner Jack Spicer
Mileena Craig Marduk
Mark Ishtar May Haruka
Haru Glory Gina Toramizu