Extreme Uncensored
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Promotion TNXA: Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation
Date Preshow: October 21, 2013
Main Show: October 30, 2013
Venue All State Arena
City Chicago, Illinois
Theme Song "The Stroke" by Billy Squire
Last Event TNXA Japanarchy
Next Event TNXA Genesis


# Results Stipulation/Title
Preshow Amu Hinamori def. Jessie Musashi Cuties Submissions Match
Preshow Sabrina Spellman def. Gail Kim Cuties Singles Match
1 "Tha Scorpion" Trey Suave (c) def. Jadeite Hardcore Match for the TNXA Hardcore Championship
2 Cody Rhodes def. Edge (c) Singles Match for the TNXA Legends Championship
3 Jessica Pink (c) def. Mandy Luxe Chicago Street Fight Match for the TNXA Cuties Championship
4 Iima Valentine def. Mandy Luxe Cuties Match
5 Zak 'n Jack (Zak Saturday & Jack Evan) (c) def. Samurai Society (Koga & Chase Young) Tornado Tag Team Match for the TNXA World Tag Team Championship
6 Dokuro Mitsukai & Pan w/Haruhi Suzumiya def. Blood Lust (Mileena & Skarlet w/BloodRayne) Cuties Tag Team Match
7 Ben Tennyson & Ezekiel def. Team Rocket (James Kojiro & Meowth) (c) Full Metal Mayhem for the TNXA Tag Team Championship
8 InuYasha def. Jack Spicer Last Man Standing Match
9 Haru Glory def. Marik Ishtar Inferno Match
10 CM Punk (c) def. Azrael Sanchez Submissions Match for the TNXA Championship Match
Main Event Timmy Turner (c) def. Randy Orton Extreme Rules Match for the TNXA World Heavyweight Championship

  • PS2 - Sabrina use her magic to win the match.
  • 3 - Mandy attacked Jessica from behind during her entrance. After the match, Mandy was pissed and demanded a rematch. But then, the lights went out and when the lights came back, Iima Valentine appeared in the ring and asked the ref to ring the bell.
  • 8 - Jack Spicer was carried to the back on a stretcher by Renji and Koga.
  • Main Event - Timmy made a wish to his Godparents to make clones of him to cheat and win the match. After the match, Orton made a sincere apology to Timmy, due to prior stipulations that Orton would leave TNXA if he had lost the match.