Tammy 2k17
Promotional pic in 2017
Billing information
Ring Names Tammy
Height 6'2"
Weight 145 lbs
Born 1983 (Age 32)
Hometown San Diego, CA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
Resides San Diego, CA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
Billed From San Diego, CA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel: XGWL
Trainer(s) XtremeTony
Styles -
Professional career
Debut January 2004
Retired Yet to retire.

Tammy is a former Cheerleader & Exotic Dancer. XtremeTony met Tammy in a strip club in Late-2003. XT made an offer that Tammy couldn't refuse, and in January of 2004, Tammy appeared in XT's corner in the Original XGWL Arena. Tammy continued to be XtremeTony's valet in XCWA from 2004-2006, and then in WWA in Early 2007. Tammy started to pick up some wrestling moves, and started to wrestle in late 2006 before debuting in WWA. Tammy has been in the lower card in WWA, ZXWWF & FWA, but when the new XGWL Launched in July 2007, Tammy was able to compete for the XGWL Women's title, and captured the title 4 times. As well as being the former XGWL Lady Pro Championship. Ever since her relationship ended with XtremeTony in 2012, her career has been going on a downward trend. Her lack of commitment to improve herself is hurting her as well.

CAW Shows

  • WWA (2007)
  • (US-)FWA (2007)
  • XGWL (2007-Present)
  • CCL (2010-Present)

Entrance Themes

  • "Candy" by Foxy Brown (2004-2008)
  • "Love at First Sight" by Mary J. Blidge ft. Method Man (2008)
  • "Perfect 10" by Ms. Williams ft. The Cancer (2008-Present)

Finisher & Signature Moves

  • Split-Leg Bulldog Reverse DDT (2008-pres)
  • Butterfly Kick (Scissor Kick)(2008-Present)
  • Perfect 10 Moonsault (Standing Moonsault w/ theatrics) (2011-Pres)
  • California Dream (Muta lock) (2008-Present)
  • Tammy Drop (Shunirai) (2004-2013)
  • Handstand Leg Drop (2008-pres)
  • Tammy Go Round (Float-Over swinging neckbreaker) (2006-Present)
  • Bitch Slap (2004-2006, 2008-Pres)
  • Foot Choke (2004-2006,2013-pres)
  • Wrtst Lock w/ Bridge (2007-2008)

Championships and Accomplishments

Xtreme Global Wrestling League

Allies & Friends

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Dallas
  • Ruby Carter
  • Crymson

Notable Feuds / Rivalries

  • Hydra (WWA/MIW) 2007
  • Sheena Marie (XGWL) 2007-2008
  • Lana Star (XGWL/XGW) 2007-May 2009
  • Penny Dreadful (XGW/XGWL) April-May 2008, May 2010-2014
  • Anyone in the CCL locker room
  • Diana Diamond (XGWL) 2010-Present
  • Solara Logan (XGWL) 2011-Present
  • XtremeTony (2012-2014)

Stats on Tammy

  • Measurements: 40 DDD - 26 - 36
  • Length of legs = 42 inches
  • Leg span = 92 Inches
  • As a Face (2007-2009)
  • As a Heel (2009-present)

Tammy gallery


  • Tammy was a Cheerleader for some Southern California teams while being an exotic dancer

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