Team Canada Was A Stable In Dynasty Wrestling Entertainment WHich Consists Danny Richards,Daniel Stryker & Richie Morrison

Debut-Dynasty Wrestling Alliance/Entertainment 2001-2003

The Team Debuted On April 13th Edition Of SmackDown Confronting DWE Chairman Sirus For Disprespecting Canada And Attacked Him, On RAW The Following Week,Danny Richards Defeated Mike Sharz After Being Disqualified After Morrison & Stryker Interfiered, Sirus Came Out And Informed Team Canada That They Will Face A New Tag Team In DWA At Backlash, The Team Was Revealed To Be The West Side Connection (Jamie Bevan Under The Ring Name 'B-Ice' & Chris Diamond In Which Team Canada Won The Match, Team Canada Still Wrestled Into Late 2002 As The DWE Tag Team Champions, After Losing The Titles To The Extreme Alliance, Daniel Stryker Attacked Danny Richards Thus MAking Him Face The Two Would Face Off At DWE Armmaggedeon Where Sunny Moon Made Her Debut Attacking Richards Making Stryker The Winner, This Is The Last Time That Team Canada Was Seen Together As Richie Morrison Was Released From His Contract & Richards Turned To Single Competition & Stryker & Sunny Were Feuding With Stryker's Brother Adam.

Return-Xtreme Valley Wrestling 2008

On XVW Show 9 Of Season 2, Danny Richards Debuted In XVW With His Father Danny Richards Snr Defeating Lil Mike, The Next Week, Sunny Moon Debuted Defeating Trish Stratus & Richie Morrison Debuted Against Sypher, The Week After Moon & Morrison Debuted, Richards Was Visited By Stryker About Teaming Up Against TKM & Jorgen In Which They Won,XVW Owner Vincent Originally Thought Up The Idea Of Reuniting Team Canada But Was Nixed After XVW Closed


After XVW Closed, It Was Announced That DWE Will Merge Into XVW, It is Unknown Whether Sunny Moon Is Expected To Sign With The Company After Hearing That She Is Pregnant And Morrison Was Signed AEW As A Offical And Stryker Officaly Taking Time Off Due To A Knee Injury

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