Team One as tag Champs

Team One is a Team in TNE. Punk died in 2012, Meyers still lives to job.

How they formed

Cody Meyers and Kid Punk were considered to be overlooked. Cody a former TNE Intercontinental Champion formed this alliance with Kid Punk, they became the TNE Tag Team Champions.

Total Non-stop Entertainment

At TNE Bash Meyers and Punk defeated Tyson & RSJ to become the tag team Chmpions. In episode 8 the team became apart of a 6 man tag team match which was won by Tyson. At TNE Bash the team reclaimed their tag teams titles after a win against Tyson & RSJ. The team lost both their elimination Chamber qualfling matches but they did defeat the Luchadore Twins at TNE Lockdown. In episode 13 RAW The Team defeated Chris Jorgsten & Ross Samuel Jones by DQ to qualfly for TNE King of the Ring. In episode 14 they lost to Lewis Parks and Lord of Darkness. In episode 16 the team was attacked backstage by Tyson & RSJ. On episode 18 Cody Meyers lost to Devon Aarons by squash.

Season 2

At TNE Wrestlemania Team One will defend their TNE Tag Team Championship against Devon Aarons & Gaz Tower.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • GTS (Punk)
  • Codebreaker, Boston Crab (Meyers)

Championships and Accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

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