Names Bryce Kanyon
Walter Scott
Bruce Batman
Dick Robin
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Promotions SDA
Debuted 2011
Team SCAW are a villianous faction in SDA. They have come to finish off the trolls once and for all.

Superstar Developmental Alliance

Bryce Kanyon faced Legs Strokeworthy in a grudge match for the SDA World Championship. After Kanyon managed to use his techinical skill to win the match, Bruce Batman, Dick Robin and Walter Scott would each come out and deliver their finishers to the fallen Strokeworthy. Kanyon would then lock Strokeworthy in the Walls of Text, announcing that SCAW had came to destroy the trolls once and for all. He would then announce "Your either SCAW or we'll beat you up!"


Bryce Kanyon

  • Walls of Text (Liontamer)

Bruce Batman

  • The Unbatman Batman Driver (Modified Tombstone Piledriver)

Dick Robin

  • Unprettier

Walter Scott

  • Piledriver

Championship and Accomplishments

Superstar Developmental Alliance

  • Bryce Kanyon
    • SDA World Championship (1 Time) (Current)

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