Television Wrestling Association
Acronym TWA
Establishment March 19,2011
Owner(s) TWA World
Staff Mark Adams
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Television Wrestling Association or for short TWA is a CAW League currently active on Youtube. The show is best known for its diverse roster which includes tv characters, movie stars, religious beings and even real people. 

Starting of TWA

The first vids put on the channel were Youtube Poops but overtime some of those vids ended up being used to start fueds in the now league. At first TWA operated on a CPV only basis but overtime decided to go show to show with Battlefront being the offical show. 


As stated in the previous paragraph TWA started off making funny vids and TWAR was a way to combine both funny and wrestling materials. TWAR is the developmental brand and alot of its roster is rip offs of real wrestlers and some are just really deformed. The show is known for not making sense at times and for just being bad. 

TWA Roster

Ace VenturaAlec TrevelyanAndrossArmsAustin PowersBaneBatmanBorat SagdiyevBugs BunnyBulk HoganCable GuyCaptain RhodesChuck NorrisConanDeathDjango FreemanDonkey KongFox McCloudFrancisFrank DrebinFrankenstein's MonsterGigantGodHannibal LecterHomer SimpsonThe HulkIndiana JonesInvisible ManIronmanJames BondJason VoorheesJawsJohn McClaneKharisLeatherfaceLegsLinkLloyd ChristmasLuigiMarioThe MaskMichael MyersMost Interesting Man In The WorldMr.BeanRay BaroneReptileRobert BaroneRocky BalboaScorpionThe StalkerSub-ZeroSupermanTarzanThe TerminatorTriple AWaldoWarioWaluigi==Divas== Bride Of FrankensteinCatwomanDaisyKatniss EverdeenKitanaMetal QueenMileenaSamas AranSantina ClausSarah ConnorSonya BladeWonder Woman ==Managers== Angry Video Game Nerd Alfred HitchcockMarie BaroneStanley Kubrick  ==Other Personnel== Officer Mallory(Enforcer)Rich Uncle Pennybags(General Manager)RJ Peckham(Annoucer)Mark Adams(Annoucer) ==Champions== TWA Champion: Freddy KruegerTWA Tag Team Champions: Alex Delarge and Jack TorranceTWA Prime Time Champion:DraculaTWA Rated R Champion: Machete CortezTWA Universal Champion:NazarethTWA Womens Champion: The Terminatrix

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