That Sports Guy
[[Image:That Sports Guy - Baseball|200px]]
Names That Sports Guy
Height 6ft. 1'
Weight 204 Pounds
Born March 22nd, 1994 (Age 21)
Birthplace Fresno, California
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Fresno, California
Billed from A Sporting Event
Trained by Unknown
Debut 2014
Retired {{{retired}}}



That Sports Guy holding the New-NAW Hardcore Championship.

That Sports Guy made his New-NAW debut in a losing effort. He would go on a losing streak in his New-NAW career, yet to win a single match. He would debut almost a new sport he claimed he was a professional in every week. Without winning a match, he would take advantage of the 24/7 Rule and win the New-NAW Hardcore Championship from Shelton Benjamin at New-NAW Vendetta after losing a match to Shelton. He now has found a home in this division winning the title more times then anyone else.

He would suddenly emerge more of a patriot alongside Jack Swagger where it seemed both men had change their ways and decided to proudly present the United States with integrity. They would form the team The Blue Coats as a throwbacks to America's original military.


  • The Ric Flair of the Hardcore Division
  • The Sixteen time Hardcore Champion
  • King of the Hardcore Division

Championships & Accomplishments


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