The Black Giant is a upcoming  CAW wrestler signed to the MPWF Annhliation brand. He is the current MPWF Champion.

The Black Giant
The Black Giant
Names The Black Giant
Height 7'0
Weight 320 lbs
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Birthplace Africa
Died {{{death_date}}}
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Billed from Africa
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
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Return to the MPWF (2011-present)

Feud with Craig David

After Craig David retained the MPWF Championship against Lethal Mathematics at judgment day. The Black Giant returned to the MPWF and assaulted the champion after the match. After several weeks of feuding with David the main event of MPWF Survivor Series was signed as The Black Gaint vs Craig David for the MPWF Championship. Craig David used everything in his arsenal to fight the giant. From starship pain, to the sweet chin music, to a DDT but nothing would put him down. The Black Gaint would end up giving Daivd a devastating powerbomb and would capture the MPWF Championship. Now with The Black Gaint once again holding the MPWF Title. Can anyone on annhilation stop the giant or will The Black gaint live up to his name and possibly be the most domiant MPWF Champion in Annihilation history? 

Personal Life

Doesn't have one. 





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