The Bloodline
Names Danny Jackpot
Zach Starr
Andrew Liana (New-WWE Only)
Biff Andreas
Heights Danny Jackpot: 6'1
Zach Starr: 5'10
Biff Andreas: 6'0
Weights Combined: 648 lbs
Danny Jackpot: 223 lbs
Zach Starr: 195 lbs
Biff Andreas: 230 lbs
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Promotions New-NAW, New-WWE
Debuted 2015

The Bloodline is a heel CAW stable lead by the villainous on-screen owner of New-NAW, Danny Jackpot. The group is comprised of Danny Jackpot's cousin Zach Starr and Biff Andreas. The concept behind the group is the passing down of skills from the previous generation to the next in order to create the legends of tomorrow. The formation of the Bloodline began due to Danny Jackpot's perception of what the future of his product might become down the road. After the show had undergone a hiatus, Danny had begun grooming his cousin to become the next CAW Legend and the face of New-NAW. Soon after, Danny had recruited his long time ally Biff Andreas to the group.

The Bloodline also existed in New-WWE as a babyface tag team consisting only of Jackpot and Starr, before disbanding following Starr's betrayal of Jackpot at New-WWE Royal Rumble 10, after which Starr and Liana formed an alliance that Starr labeled The New Bloodline.


The group began after the main event of Vendetta, which featured then World Champion Tyler King defending his championship against Danny Jackpot and Shawn Dynasty. After King had successfully defended his championship, Danny had enacted his plan to position his cousin as the top star of the company. He had hit his Cash Out maneuver on King, turning heel in the process, allowing Starr to use his One Survivor title opportunity that he earned by winning the tournament earlier that year and win the title.

On the following Mayhem, it was explained and revealed that Danny Jackpot was the executive owner of New-NAW, and that he was unhappy with the direction the show was going. He blamed the show's hiatus solely on Tyler King's long championship reign, and that he wasn't as big of a draw compared to stars of New-NAW's past. Danny Jackpot's plan was to install his blood relative Zach Starr as the new champion in order to fix what he perceived as a problem. In the process, he would groom his cousin to be the next CAW Legend in his place.

At the following event, Countdown, Tyler King had received his rematch with Zach Starr for the title under a Submission match stipulation which was chosen after Tyler King and Zach Starr both had to choose a representative to fight in the main event, the man with the winning representative got to choose the match type. The match was The Suspect (Tyler King) vs Norm "The Storm" Dailey (Zach Starr). Norm Dailey won after Drew McIntyre tossed a steel chair to him while the referee was unconscious. At the event, Tyler King was the recipient of a screwjob finish after Zach Starr administered a Sharpshooter and Danny Jackpot ran to the ring, telling the referee to stop the match.

Soon after on an episode of Mayhem, after Tyler demanded an additional title shot, Danny instead gave him a title shot against Biff Andreas for his ACWL Title instead of a match with Starr in the main event. During the match, angry about what he perceived as the referee "slow counting" him, Biff threw him across the ring getting himself disqualified. He then proceeded to attack Tyler King with a steel chair, and walk up the ramp to celebrate with Danny Jackpot and Zach Starr.


At Payback 2 The Bloodline debuted and won the Tag Team Championship by defeating Chris Johansen and Sebastian Cruise. On Raw they retain the Tag Team Championship against Chris Johansen and Sebastian Cruise. At Money in the Bank 6 The Bloodline retained against Jacob Cass and Sheamus. At Unforgiven 4 The Bloodline were defeated by Rusev and Big Show for the Tag Team Championship. At Summerslam X Danny Jackpot defeated Zach Starr. At Royal Rumble 10 Zach Starr turned on Danny Jackpot and allying himself with Andrew Liana forming The New Bloodline.

In wrestling

Finishers & Signature Moves

Jackpot's Finishing Moves

  • Cash Out - Butterfly DDT or Lifting Spinning DDT (2004 - Currently Used)
  • One Kick K.O - Shinning Wizard or Standing Round House Kick (2009 - Present)

Starr's Finishing Moves

  • Shooting Starr Press
  • Starrbreaker - Double Knee Facebreaker

Liana's Finishing Moves

  • The Nullifier - Underhook Belly-to-Back inverted mat slam
  • 2xPower - Double Powerbomb
  • MMA'int Nothin - Diamond Dust

Andreas' Finishing Moves

  • Wave of the Future
  • Cloud 9 (Crossface / Scissored armbar combination)

Championships and accomplishments



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