The Canadian Invasion
Members Bret James
Rhys Krystiansen
Atlas Johnson
Height Bret James: 6'
Rhys Krystiansen: 6'9
Atlas Johnson: 6'0
Combined Weight 771lbs
Bret James: 226lbs
Rhys Kryastiansen: 325lbs
Atlas Johnson: 220lbs
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Debut March 19th 2011

The Canadian Invasion is a CAW stable that currently appears on MCW.

The Beginning (2011-present)

The Forming of the Canadian Invasion (2011-present)

It all began when Rhys Krystiansen made an appearance at The Rumble 2011 when he attacked Jim Michaels during Michaels' entrance. Krystiansen then Irish Whipped Jim Michaels into a steel chair being held by then Jim Michaels' tag team partner Bret James. Turning James heel. Bret James soon started a stable with Rhys Krystiansen called The Canadian Invasion. At MCW 8, Krystiansen accompanied Bret James to the ring in a losing effort to Jim Michaels after Michaels got right back up from James' Somersault Axe Kick to hit the Landing Failure to win the match. The Canadian Invasion had their first tag team match at MCW Era 2011 against Jim Michaels and the returning Atlas Johnson. Johnson would turn on his partner with a stiff DDT allowing James to pick up the win. Johnson turned heel and joined the Canadian Invasion in the process. Johnson & Krystiansen fought K8 & Derek at MCW Night of Legends 2011 in a losing effort.


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