The Deathwolves
Names Sameal
Other unnamed members
Heights Sameal (5 ft 11)
Tobias(6 ft 8)
Weights Sameal (205 lbs)
Tobias(290 lbs)
Birth dates {{{dates}}}
Billed From The Den.
Promotions Andreas Wrestling Productions
DCO (Vivianverse)
Debuted 2014
Disbanded Yet to disband

The Deathwolves are a mysterious group of rebellious superstars who appear to have the common goal of taking over CAW. They're attempting to recruit new members everyday, who knows how far their influence will go? Their first contact they made was with New-WWE superstar Biff Andreas who refused the offer. According to them, its only the beginning.

In wrestling

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon
  • False Flagging


  • The Song of Unhealing
  • "Black Reign" by Dale Oliver

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