The Devil
The Devil
Height 7'0
Weight 358 lbs
Resides Hell
Billed from Hell
Trained by
Debut May 14, 2014

The Devil is a CAW wrestler currently in the NWL. He is a two time NWL Tag Team Champion with Batista.

Noob Wrestling League (2014 - Present)

Debut & Teaming with Batista (2014 - Present)

The Devil made his debut on May 14th in the final Money in the Bank Qualifying Match against Rey Mysterio, The Doctor, and Ronald McDonald. The Devil won by eliminating McDonald last. He would compete in but not win the Money in the Bank Ladder match. He would go on to drop a match to NWL Champion Cowboy Keith but would beat Boom. On July 2nd he would face a debuting Drew McIntyre and lose. Two weeks later he would beat Ziggler only to get beat down by both Ziggler and McIntyre. At NWL Extreme Rules, The Devil would face the two of them, now called The Chosen Ones, in a 2-on-1 handicap match that he would lose. He then began teaming with Batista to take on The Chosen Ones; this lead to a tag team match at NWL Royal Rumble, which The Chosen Ones won. The Devil would then enter the Royal Rumble #12 and be eliminated #12. However he would eliminate Leroy Brown and rival Drew McIntyre. Going into Wrestlemania The Devil and Batista would gain the opportunity to challenge for the NWL Tag Team Championships at the CPV. They would successfully beat The Chosen Ones for the titles. The Chosen Ones would invoke their rematch on March 18th of season 2 but The Devil and Batista would retain. At Over the Limit 2 Legacy would become the new #1 contenders and challenge for the titles at NWL Money in the Bank 2. However The Devil and Batista would beat them and Rated RKO at NWL Summerslam 2. During their dominance they attacked Oompa Loompa and Edge setting up matches against their teams in back-to-back weeks. Rated RKO were able to defeat them for the titles on the July 8th episode of the NWL. The Devil and Batista would then injure Edge and invoke their rematch. They ended up winning the titles back from the team of Randy Orton and Spider-Man. They would retain the titles at NWL Night of Champions 2 against old rivals, The Chosen Ones. The Devil would then lose a singles match against a debuting Triple H which would give Orton and Triple H a tag team match at Wrestlemania. He would also lose a match against a returning Edge. At NWL Wrestlemania 2, The Devil and Batista were defeated by Evolution for the NWL Tag Team Championships.

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Smoking Pitchfork (Rolling Slam)
  • Chokeslam to Hell
  • Judgement Slam

Championships and Accomplishments

Entrance Themes

  • "The Devil's Own" by: Five Finger Death Punch

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