Eric Cage Amber Olga Jagr" Starr: 6ft 2in Amber: 5ft 5in Jagr:" Starr: 246 lbs"
The Hardcore Edge
Hce logo
Names Marco Starr

Eric Cage


Olga Jagr

Heights Cage: 6ft 3in

Starr: 6ft 2in

Amber: 5ft 5in


Weights Cage: 255 lbs

Starr: 246 lbs

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Promotions BWF
Debuted 2009
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The Hardcore Edge are a Professional Wrestling Faction of Wrestlers currently contracted in BWF. Hardcore Edge is usually abbreviated to HCE. HCE's Current Formation are Marco Starr as the leader, with the others being Eric Cage, Amber , and Olga Jagr. As A Tag Team, Starr and Cage would win the BWF World Tag Team Championship once.

Bloodsport Wrestling Federation (2009-Current)


Eric Cage was facing Dane Rodgers for the United States Championship. Dane Rodgers had applied the Andaconda Vise, when Amber came from under the ring and attacked the referee, then attacked Dane with a steel chair, then dragging the referee back in to call the pinfall. Cage would become United States Champion. He Would hold it until he would be suspended and stripped of the title. When He Returned, he had a 2 on 1 Handicap Match with Dane Rodgers and Tyler F'N Baldwin. A Mystery Man attacked Rodgers, while Amber Attacked Baldwin during the match. Eric Cage after the match offered Amber to form an Alliance, in which she accepts. A few weeks later, the Mystery Man, who has been interfering in matches involving Cage would be revealed as Marco Starr, who appeared in a brief run in BWF back in 2003. On A Promo, Marco would dub the newly formed faction of himself, Cage, and Amber as the "Hardcore Edge".

Tag Team Champions

At Global Recon, HCE would challenge Davidson and Baldwin for the tag team titles. Thanks to a distraction by Amber, HCE would win the Tag Team Championship. They would hold the titles until Fallout, where They Faced the Manning Corporates, and Lost.


In late 2010, HCE announced that Olga Jagr joined HCE, and it is possible that Someone Else will join later.

In Wrestling

Championships and Accomplishments

  • BWF Tag Team CHampionship (Starr & Cage) (1x)
  • BWF Knockouts Champion (Olga Jagr) (1x) (Current)

Entrance Music

  • "Figure.9" by Linkin Park (Used 2009-2010)
  • "Papercut" by Linkin Park (Used 2010-Current)

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