Shetty's Horde
Names Sultan Shetty
Lemarcus Carter
Matt Mayhem
Heights 6 ft 2
6 ft 8
6 ft 4
Weights 260 lbs
250 lbs
300 lbs
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Billed From {{{billed from}}}
Promotions NESE
Debuted 2010
Disbanded n/a

Shetty's Horde is a faction that feature predominantly in New Era Of Sports Entertainment, is partially featured in New-WWE simply as "The Horde", and have been slighty reference in World CAW Wrestling.

New Era Of Sports Entertainment

At the end of NESE Episode 8, Sultan Shetty would turn heel and brought in Matt Mayhem and Lemarcus Carter into NESE. They would defeat Team SHIT in their first match. Lemarcus Carter and Matt Mayhem would start teaming up in a tag team, defeating Starfleet at the pre-match of NESE Blackest Night.

The Horde would be unsuccesful on the following show against the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, but would take part in a no.1 contenders match for the Tag Team Championship. They would defeat former Champions The Colony, but would lose in the final to Starfleet. Whilst Lemarcus & Mayhem teamed together, Shetty would go on a losing streak, losing to Scott Steiner, Xenomorph and Dan "The Beast" Severn.


Two thirds of Shetty's Horde united in New-WWE by fate; On the road to Night of Champions 2, two separate battle royals with the winners of each teaming together for a World Tag Team Championship opportunity were held. Carter and Mayhem ended up winning the battle royals. Together they defeated then-champions DamaRJ and Brent Harvanator at Night of Champions to win the gold.

While the teaming of Carter and Mayhem was intended to be a Shetty's Horde reference by New-WWE's owner, Burb, the duo have not been called Shetty's Horde there due to the fact that it wouldn't make much sense as Sultan Shetty himself is not there.

The duo's first CPV title defense was against Harvanator and new partner Mader at The Bash 2. Starting here, the two were introduced as The Horde.

Championships and Accomplishments


1x World Tag Team Championship (Lemarcus Carter and Matt Mayhem)

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