New-NAW Independent Training Facility
Acronym The ITF
Establishment March 3,2014
Owner(s) Danny Jackpot
Staff Danny Jackpot'
Biff Andreas
Derek The V Extreme
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
Website Danny Jackpot's Twitch
Danny Jackpot's Youtube
Biff Andreas's Youtube
The New-NAW Independent Training Facility was made by New-NAW owner's Danny Jackpot & Biff Andreas. The purpose of the Independent Training Facility is to give original independent stars to have a home with the possibility of being called up to New-NAW.
The doorsare open to any wrestler's to participate and enter the Training Facility. The Facility itself also is a breeding ground for most of the rookies and it does focus on unsigned independent wrestlers. Wrestlers that are currently training at the facility are featured on live shows called Showdown and Danger Zone

The Facility also links itself to other companies which it has done with the following companies which either currently or has been featured the show: DCO (Vivianverse), OPW , FNW, and ARW.

The ITF World Heavyweight Championship was created for the revival and new generation of ITF. Jack Toss would win a 16 man Tournament and would be the first champion. Only losing the championship due to being called up to the main roster. The current champion is Gideon Pilgrim after defeating the former champion Amir Barnes and Incognito in a Extreme Rules Triple Threat on Showdown Episode 14.

As of July 18th, a rule was made that insists a champion must have at least one title defense in order to receive a rematch upon losing their championship.

Training Facility Information

Currently Training

These wrestlers below are currently training and make up the ITF Roster.


Superstars who graduated the ITF and were signed to a CAW league.


New Generation of ITF Results

Episode #1 (The New Generation)

Episode #2 (The New Generation)

Episode #3 (Showdown)

Episode #4 (Danger Zone)

Episode #5 (Showdown)

Episode #6 (Danger Zone)

Episode #7 (Danger Zone)

Episode #8 (Showdown)

Episode #9 (Danger Zone)

Episode #10 (Showdown)

Episode #11 (Danger Zone)

Episode #12 (Showdown)

ITF All-American Collision (CPV #1)

Episode #13 (Danger Zone)

ITF Quiet Riot (CPV #2)

Episode #14 (Showdown)

Episode #15 (Danger Zone)

ITF Universe: Episode #1

ITF Universe: Episode #2

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