Roy" The Machine" Bertsch is a up incoming CAW Wrestler who is looking after one person and one person only. HIMSELF.

The Machine
Names The Machine
Height 7 ft 1
Weight 351 lbs
Born December 29, 1948
Birthplace Littleton, Colorado
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Littleton, Colorado
Billed from Littleton, Colorado
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut Still In Training
Retired {{{retired}}}

Personal Life

Roy has always been fasinated in wrestling. Roy originally wanted to start wrestling when he was 18 but decided against it so he could fight for the USA in Vietnam War in which he was shot several times(Being 7 fucking feet tall makes you a easy target.) and he stayed until the war ended... 9 years later. He wasn't given the welcoming that a soldier returning home would get normally get. People constantly cursed him out and were constantly throwing rocks at him, but they did that before so that was normal. The worst thing is people started to bully him. After years of isolation from the world Roy decided that all that matters is himself and how his own people betrayed him. Once he came out of isolation he got a job at McDonalds where he would work at until he found a ad telling him about Foghorn Sanders school. He immediately signed up to prove he is better then any of the scumbag Americans 





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