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The following page is a non-original CAW from Cartoons to Movies.

You're one ugly motherfucker


Arnold Schwarzenegger upon seeing Predator helmetless, Predator (1987)

The Predator
Names Predator
One Ugly Motherfucker
Height Varies (7 to 8 ft tall)
Weight Varies (Typically around 520 lbs)
Born Varies
Birthplace Yautja Prime
Died Varies
Resides Yautja Prime
Billed from Yautja Prime
Trained by Self Trained

Predators (or as they're technically known, Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten) hail from the Predator film franchise within the shared Alien vs. Predator universe.

There have been many Predators depicted throughout the series, all of which are merciless, cunning and highly dangerous venators that kill not only for the thrill of the hunt, but also because of the honor bestowed upon them when obtaining "trophies" after killing their game.

Despite these almost primitive and abnormal standards, Predators do uphold a moral 'honor' code when hunting. Examples of this include, never killing the unarmed or innocent and never murdering a fellow hunter, showing that they do uphold a vague sense of dignity. Regardless, some Yautja have been known to go rogue and severely violate the honor code for their own personal gain. These "bad bloods" are considered disgraceful to the Yautja name. If the renegade passively accepts punishment then its most severe penalty would be eternal banishment. However, if it is less than willing to surrender then it will be swiftly tracked down and executed painfully by fellow hunters for its treachery.

Many, if not most Yautja reside in clans, whom may either hunt prey as a union or hunt in solitude for a greater chance of obtaining the prize for themselves; the Predator featured in Mortal Kombat X hails from the 'Jungle Hunter' clan.

Predators are iconic for their vast arsenal, not only wielding advanced technology, but also deadly weapons and hunting equipment, ranging from numerous bladed weapons, advanced cloaking technology, and powerful plasma based firearms.

Predators are also known for their constant association and encounters with The Xenomorph (Alien) species, whom only the most daring of Yautja attempt hunt.

So far, there have been 5 different predators in each diffrent league in CAW and all of them have been succsesful with a overall of 5 world title reigns altogether.

Image Gallery
Masked and Unmasked Predator

The Predator with and without his helmet.

Finishers & Signature MovesEdit

Predator "Willhem"(EWE) Edit

"Bad Blood" Predator(XWD)Edit

  • Hunter's Moon (Tombstone Piledriver) (2005 - Present)
  • Preda Bomb (Sit-Down Powerbomb pin) (2005 - Present)

Predator(DMW) Edit

Predator(DWA) Edit

Predator(AWE) Edit

Predator(CXWI) Edit

Predator(UCCW) Edit

  • Predecizer (Clothesline)
  • ​Fame Blood (Leg Drop)

Championships and accomplishments Edit

Predator "Willhem"(EWE)Edit

"Bad Blood" Predator(XWD)Edit

  • Xtreme Wrestling Division (XWD)
    • WWA/3XW/XWD Heavyweight Championship (2-time)




  • Awesome Wrestling Entertainment (AWE)
    • AWE World Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
    • AWE World Tag Team Championship (1-time, final) - with Shao Kahn (1)



Predator(TMN) Edit

  • TheM4gNation
    • Solar Flare Championship (1 time)

Predator (UFW)Edit

  • Ultimate Fantasy Wrestling
    • UFW Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
    • UFW American Champion (1 time)
    • UFW Tag Team Champion (3 times, w/Ghost Rider)
    • UFW Hardcore Champion (1 time)
    • Season Two's Mr. Money in the Bank (Facebook Episodes)

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