The Road To Glory was a preliminary tournament held in ICONic Pro Wrestling. The purpose of the tournament was to determine which wrestlers would be competing for iPW’s Global Heavyweight and Legendary Championships. Three different stages were organized for the twenty wrestlers signed to the roster, where every man had an opportunity to earn points. The eight wrestlers who finished the three stages with the most points would advance to a single-elimination bracket, where the winner would become the Global Heavyweight Champion. The bottom twelve would compete in two separate battle royals, with the two winners of those matches going on to face each other for the Legendary Championship.

Stage 1

The tournament began with a twenty man over-the-top-rope battle royal. It took place on 21 February 2013. This stage would also mark the official debut of iPW as an active CAW promotion. The final six competitors in the match would earn a guaranteed 2 points, while the runner-up would receive 4 points and the winner would receive 6 points.

# Entrant Order Eliminations Eliminated by
1 Trey Owens 4 0 Tyler King
2 Jimmy Spade 1 0 O’Shea
3 Tyler King 8 1 Smokey
4 Brent Harvanator 2 0 O’Shea
5 Evan O'Shea 3 2 Dante Styles
6 Dante Styles 7 2 Caylen
7 Caylen Rogers 15 4 Craig David
8 Smokey 9 2 Caylen
9 John Blackrose 5 0 Dante Styles
10 Chris Corre 6 0 Smokey
11 Bryan Davis 10 0 Caylen
12 Steven Santos 11 0 Caylen
13 Lemarcus Carter 13 1 Marcus King
14 TJ Kennedy 14 0 Starr
15 Marcus King 19 2 Starr
16 Inspector Shetty 12 0 Carter
17 Craig David 17 1 Marcus King
18 Zach Starr - 4 WINNER
19 Keith Connor 16 0 Starr
20 Louden Styles 18 0 Starr

Stage 2

The next stage of the tournament would feature five tag team matches. The teams were decided by random order based on the order of entry and the order of elimination in the previous stage. The winners of these matches would earn 3 points. Stage 2 took place on 1 March 2013.

# Results Stipulations
1 Smokey & TJ Kennedy def. Brent Harvanator & "Superstar" Craig David [2] Tag Team Match
2 Jimmy Spade & Marcus King [4] def. Chris Corre & Inspector Shetty Tag Team Match
3 Louden Styles [2] & Tyler King def. John Blackrose* Two-On-One Handicap Match
4 Keith Connor [2] & Evan O'Shea def. Dante Styles & Caylen Rogers [2] Tag Team Match
Main Steven Santos & Bryan Davis def. Zach Starr [6] & Trey Owens Tag Team Match
  • Lemarcus Carter was originally scheduled to be Blackrose's tag team partner, but forfeited his spot in the Road To Glory tournament prior to the match.

Stage 3

The final preliminary stage of the tournament featured a soft return to the format of Stage 1, in which there would be five over-the-top-rope battle royals. However, the catch to these matches were that the final two competitors left in each battle royal would then continue on in a normal singles match with pinfalls and submissions. The winners in this stage would receive 4 points while the runner-ups would receive 2 points. The men who were eliminated over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor, in the battle royal phase would not receive points. Stage 3 took place on 30 March 2013.

# Results Stipulations
1 Caylen Rogers [2] def. John Blackrose & Tyler King [3]* Battle Royal
2 Steven Santos [3] def. Dante Styles & TJ Kennedy [3] Battle Royal
3 "Superstar" Craig David [2] def. Marcus King [7], Evan O'Shea [3], & Inspector Shetty Battle Royal
4 Smokey [3] def. Louden Styles [5], Jimmy Spade [3], & Chris Corre Battle Royal
Main Zach Starr [6] def. Keith Connor [5], Trey Owens, & Bryan Davis [3] Battle Royal
  • Brent Harvanator was originally scheduled to be in the opening match, but forfeited his spot in the Road To Glory tournament prior to the match.
Final Standings Total Points
Zach Starr 10
Marcus King 9
Smokey 7
Steven Santos 7
Keith Connor 7
Louden Styles 7
Caylen Rogers 6
"Superstar" Craig David 6
Bryan Davis 3
Evan O'Shea 3
Jimmy Spade 3
TJ Kennedy 3
Tyler King 3
Dante Styles 2
John Blackrose 2
Chris Corre 0
Inspector Shetty 0
Trey Owens 0
Brent Harvanator FORFEIT
Lemarcus Carter FORFEIT
Name Colours

The final eight Superstars who earned the honor to compete for the iPW Global Heavyweight Championship.

Due to their forfeits, these Superstars were prohibited from further competition in the Road To Glory tournament.

The Long Walk

On 6 April 2013, iPW Founder Joshua Bishop officially announced the next stage of the Road To Glory tournament, titled The Long Walk. Now with the brackets for the iPW Global Heavyweight Championship and the iPW Legendary Championship finalized, it was announced that there would be two nights of competition to allow the quarter-final and semi-final rounds of the Global Heavyweight Championship bracket to complete. The finalists would go on to iPW's first official event, Iconic Revolution, to compete for the iPW Global Heavyweight Championship. The Long Walk also featured two separate battle royals held under normal stipulations, featuring the 10 Superstars who failed to make the cut for the final 8 and were now competing for the iPW Legendary Championship. The winners of those two battle royals, like the two finalists in the Global Heavyweight Championship bracket, would meet at Iconic Revolution to crown the iPW Legendary Champion. The event took place on 5 May and 6 May 2013.

Night 1 (5 May 2013)

# Results Stipulations
1 Evan O'Shea def. Bryan Davis, Chris Corre, John Blackrose, Trey Owens, & Tyler King iPW Legendary Championship Bracket - Battle Royal #1
2 Marcus King def. "Superstar" Craig David iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Quarter-Final
3 Keith Connor def. Smokey1 iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Quarter-Final
4 Caylen Rogers def. Zach Starr iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Quarter-Final
Main Steven Santos def. Louden Styles2 iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Quarter-Final

1 ^ Smokey was ambushed by Brent Harvanator and Lemarcus Carter pre-match. Following this assault, Connor announced his affiliation with Carter & Harvanator. The three men called themselves "Sacrament." In response to these actions, the iPW President banned outside interference in any match throughout the remainder of the Road to Glory tournament.
2 ^ This match was held under No-Disqualification with No Countouts by order of the iPW President.

Night 2 (6 May 2013)

# Results Stipulations
1 Marcus King def. Keith Connor iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Semi-Final
2 Dante Styles def. Inspector Shetty, Jimmy Spade, & TJ Kennedy iPW Legendary Championship Bracket - Battle Royal #2
Main Steven Santos def. Caylen Rogers iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Bracket - Semi-Final

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